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Bro u think I come to a site that downvotes every comment I make for ego stroking? Wat

I come here bc y’all are easier to trigger than libs. More importantly, I can trigger people here just by saying facts. I’ve never seen such a huge conglomerate of ppl with sub-year-8 intelligence in one place, and it’s hilarious to mess with u all just by discrediting the half-assed theories on this site. I come here fully expecting u not to believe what I say, that’s what makes it so fun lmfao

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where are the samples?

They’re reported in the GIS data. Review the ref #s as I told you

All they do is mix up random bits of material and pick out markers.

Material from? You guessed it, DNA samples. Geez you’re just stuck in a loop aren’t ya

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Not rlly, I just kno how to interpret data and how to determine what’s supported and what isn’t

More so, I believe in a rnwbl Earth and an educated society, and fortunately I’m in a spot to help that. Also fortunately, I know that you and most other people here are probably working low-level gigs that won’t ever have the chance to impede global advncmmt. Keep believing whatever you want bro, i could care less if you take the olive branch im extending and educated yourself

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Click on any of the data points, take the GIS data identifier, and plug it into the GIS database.

Show me where on that site they have isolated samples.

Jesus. Do you know what it means to isolate a sample? Or are you still just reading your grandma's Facebook shares from the "GetPwndDemoRATS" group?

They're all "isolated." That big ol' chart of peptide sequencing? That's what isolation is my guy

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Who the fuck is "we" here?

That would be roughly 2.6 million genomic sequencing submissions from January of 2020 onwards. All said submissions being available for peer review. So yes, this is information that "can be verified by anyone."

That said, of course you see this is as "nonsense." bro, you're on a .win website. No shit you're not going to understand half of this stuff. Surprisingly, it takes a scientific background to understand genomic sequencing, even tho the data is there for you to try.

Try reading my dood, its good for u

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Lmfao, same shit different name, I see. Thanks for the explanation

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Well, no, that link is genomic sequencing. Typically, you don’t link people that because it’s hard to understand without a STEM background. However, when people (a) don’t believe Delta exists, and (b) think every secondary source explaining genomic sequencing is fake news, I don’t really have any option besides linking the hard science.

Don’t blame me if you can’t understand it, but also reject sources that explain it to you in a dumbed-down manner

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I don’t understand anything he says, but I absolutely fucking love that guy

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So what about ‘88-‘92 and ‘00-‘04?

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Oh bro no worries, I got COVID early on so I don’t need a vax

But bro, maybe you should re-read what the actual comment was. It’s not that Delta is deadly, it’s that it exists. Middle-school level reading comp helps bro

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Right, you don't understand it because you're a shill and/or you're retarded.

Ad hominem attacks are the trademark of a loser

Well, that and peddling unsubstantiated (and in some cases, flat-out false) arguments

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we’ve already comprehensively mapped and sequenced the Delta variant, bro if youre gonna peddle misinfo at least check to make sure it can’t be dismantled in a few minutes lmfao

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