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Dude I remember watching this when it aired!

Holy Fuck. I feel old.

And Yes this is scary. I was a little kid when I originally saw this. And didn’t understand the shit that was going down. But now that I do. Holy Fuck that is terrifying

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O god. Please don’t give them ideas.

I’d drive without one anyways.

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Because Impeachment is for Presidents. You can’t remove a President who is no longer President.

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And no Tucker is not a WS. This is sarcasm.

But Man it would be fucking Karma if the Biden Regime makes Reddit go the way of Parler over this. Reddit was the 1st to ban Political Enemies being the_donald. Before Twitter did. It would be hilarious that after sucking so much Biden and Democrat dick that the Democrats would cancel them because Tucker Stood up for them.

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Data assembled by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data project in September 2020 showed that 93% of Black Lives Matter demonstrations involved no serious harm to people or property.

They didn’t look very hard lol

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Holy Shit. Those fuckers really do want to start a Civil War.

You start banning people from the Military for supporting the COMMANDER AND CHIEF then what you have is a Civil Fucking War on your hands.

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Agreed. Some Users even stalked my Ban Evasion Accounts even though I was just having a discussion. 3 Accounts banned within 1 week of you leaving because of the shills.

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I got a post made about me as well I feel loved.

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