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The Amish (Deep State's Worst Nightmare)

The reason the Deep State hate the Amish is because:

  1. They are self-sufficient.

  2. They are very united (like ants, they protect each other, build together, run their own communities apart from the system, etc..).

  3. They grow organic food that is very healthy for mind and body.

  4. They don't pay attention to Deep State propaganda through the TV or radio.

  5. They are Christians and believe in Jesus. The deep state loath Jesus.

  6. They don't have any dependence at all on the Gov.

  7. They don't care to follow any rules or ordinances of the Gov like getting certifications or licenses.

  8. They are generally good, healthy, happy People who live off the land but nobody is perfect and have room for improvement.

The Amish are the Deep State's worst nightmare and directly compete with Bill Gates vaccine infected, GMO food that is designed to destroy our mind and body. This is why they send the FBI after them to screw them over. Even in Court, they won and still the Court screwed them.

The great news is that the Amish work like ants. They are extremely united. If you mess with one, the rest will swarm in on you. That's why the deep state are afraid to mess with any of them. There is a lot of backlash as all the Amish move in to save the one under attack.

The Amish are a perfect example of why unity is power and why the deep state push so much division. They don't want us to be united so they can control us.

We must all defend the Amish. These People are the pinnacle of society but do have room for improvement in some areas.