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The Deep State's psyops depend on what is happening with our belief system.

In the 1800s, the People lost faith in the Catholic Church which is controlled opposition for Christians. This led them to dump the Catholic Church but they threw the baby out with the bathwater when they stopped believing in God. The benefit in this was that all kinds of useless rituals went out with it and rituals are just a gigantic waste of time just as sacrifices are.

Without God in the picture, the Government justified tyrannical control. Now God is making a comeback but without the Church, rituals or sacrifices so it is a better time.

Freemason Albert Pike had made a plan in the 1800s to continue stripping all People of God and turn them into atheists. Atheists experience lots of difficulties most People are unaware of. It's pretty miserable to think everything is random and we are just a random mathematical accident. Pike knew all this but wanted to push what I believe they call Raelism to an atheist population. Last time I wrote about Raelism as the proposed religion, all kinds of shills attacked me on Twitter. This was 4 years ago. This means I hit a nerve. If I understand correctly, Raelism is alien worship just as the Egyptians worshiped alien Gods like Isis and Horus. They consider Lucifer an alien too. We are all aliens when we are not on our home planet basically. Eventually they want to present this religion to the athiest and hope to fool them into worshiping those aliens who are basically high level deep state agents.

The other thing they want to fool People is to claim that they are God. Here's how God actually works:

God hogs up all space, time and dimensions. There is no room for anyone else to exist. Then God breaks into 3 parts which we know as the Trinity. You can compare this to an example I am using here but this isn't actually how it works. Imagine if the Father was the invisible force of an existing planet and that planet was considered the Son. All the space outside the planet which goes on for infinity is the Holy Spirit. This is just a random example but explains how the Trinity works in a nutshell. Now imagine an island on this planet was set aside to experience duality and all the independent particles on that island were given freedom to do whatever they want but without any knowledge at all. Without knowledge they make mistakes due to confusion evil occurs. When one has too much knowledge, they become perfect. When we are inside this island, we are like the little atoms having an experience in duality. When we jump out the island, we continue to exist within the Christ body but as perfect Spirits since we have access to the knowledge of God. We are still free but choose to be perfect due to our knowledge which stems from God's infinite knowledge. What this means is that we are using God's body to exist because God cannot make us as there is no room. God is reality itself and so no reality can exist without it existing as the body of God. When God lets one of it's parts go free, it's still God's body but let loose. Eventually God does pull that part back in and our being melds into the body of God in a way where we don't know where we start or end anymore.

This gets a bit complicated but the psyops the deep state running is that they claim we are God itself. No, we are not God itself but we are a part of God. That is for sure. They are trying to confuse the 2 concepts.

The 2nd psop they are running is that since evil exists on this universe island we are in, they claim it is God's will that evil exists and therefore God is both good and evil. Again, completely wrong. Evil is allowed to exist in the universe as a challenger in the "game of life". You have heard the universe is a simulation. Yes, it is a simulation happening in a dream and a dream is not reality so it's happening nowhere. The intelligence is sucked out of everyone (filtered) to create the possibility of evil to exist to create problems. Then we clean up those problems. In the long run, we will fix every problem in existence and turn the universe into heaven but that's the end goal. This means, yes, it is God's will that evil exist in the universe but not because God enjoys evil or has an evil side. It exists to create a challenge for Life as Life is good but never has any challenges to fix, heal, forgive, ect... but now we do. There are other reasons too. For example, when People see evil, they better understand good.

One last thing the deep state could use as a psyop is claim that universal life is all backwards just because Earth is backwards as too many People have become insane here. In truth, if we were able to view 1000 planets as a sample, we would clearly see Earth is at the bottom of the bucket or near the bottom. The reason is because Earth is considered a toddler planet and babies are dumb. Dumb People make dumb mistakes. This explains why things are so messy and the mess and pain experienced are a byproduct of our stupid mistakes that we repeat over and over thinking life will improve if we just pay more taxes or bend the knee more to the Gov. Lol.... Obviously this only makes things worst but People are afraid of traveling into the unknown. When they have enough faith, they will be ok with it though.