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I think gal gadot has been replaced with a clone/ body double. Her voice and mannerisms and look is off. She did live in israel (where the jabs were mandated). I think she died due to vax and they didnt want the public to know yet? I dont know but recently she seems waay different. Do you guys think so too? Any other celebs you think have been replaced with clones? And that they are trying really hard to supress any celeb deaths and some just leak through like (betty white ,meatloaf etc) and any thoughts evidence on clones would be much appreciated

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I don't know enough about her to make a judgement, do you have any video clips/pictures that show the differences?

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I will update when I can

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If you want to go old school, read about Pope Paul VI being replaced by a body double in order to force through Vatican II.

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Considering they've moved on to banning Latin Mass now, I believe it.

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Take them as directed.

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MAXIMUM enjoyability but why don't you turn this into something constructing and create a montage of photos explaining your point fren?

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Any other celebs you think have been replaced with clones

I'm convinced "Stephen Hawking" is a role played by at least 1 actor after tptb saw how useful a "genius scientist" was in promoting their agendas. I prefer the term actor or body double though, clone sounds like far-fetched sci-fi. There are probably many body doubles for famous celebrities who either died, OD'd, or are too infirm or important to be seen by the public eye. Biden and Clinton have doubles, and Paul McCartney probably did die in a car crash but the brand (The Beatles) was too popular to let Apple records go to waste.

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Man, they milked Stephen Hawking for ever. He was the favorite globalist mascot before Greta. Hawking even made it to Epstein island!

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Hawking on Epstein island sounds like the plot of a South Park episode, lol. Sounds like you're aware of this topic, are there any other good ones I missed? My favorite twist on the concept is celebrities faking their own deaths to pretend to be other people, i.e, I really, really want to believe that Rush Limbaugh used to be Jim Morrison.

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It's the Chinese that have likely been cloning humans for years. That's probably the main thing Faici is funding in China--cloning humans.

Now that the Chinese own Hollywood no doubt they are cloning favorite American stars they will use as propaganda against the U.S. people. They will also be able to replace politicians, though it looks like with Biden, Pelosi, etc. that they've already bribed their way into the country.

My guess is that the Red Army has a breeding/cloning program for making giants, I could see them making a test tube baby cross of 7 foot tall Yao Ming with Zhang Ziyu. They would then have thousands of surrogates birth the babies and raise up a superarmy. The best specimens they could clone. Add exoskeletons or jet backpacks and you'd have an unstoppable army.

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i figured that COOOONT (that id bang-silly 3 times to sunday) had been subverted, long ago as a Monarch Agent, when her marching orders told her to make a "homegrown" video covering "imagine" during the early stages of the pandemic.

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She complained about Joss Whedon, and said he threatened her. But I don't follow gossip much; I had to look up who she is. (((Are you saying she's a two faced jew?)))

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I will find some videos on YouTube and ask my friend to download the Facebook video he showed me where her voice is different. Not saying she is two faced, but I think that they replaced her, and also replaced other celebs to supress the mass vax deaths.

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I'm not antisemitic, but the pun was too hard to resist. I did see Wonder Woman, it was reasonably good. If they are replacing people, especially over spats with directors, we really should get a handle on how they're pulling it off. I have four theories: 1 - cloning, 2 - androids, 3 - time travel (multiverse, CERN, UFO), 4 - plastic surgery.

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I'm not antisemitic

Then you're a retarded faggot and everything you say is discarded.

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I mean, they could always just use a deepfake. It would be cheaper. If there really were clones don't you think that billionaire elites would have access to rooms full of Gal Gadots?

By the way, WW1984 was an awful movie. Also, you need to give a timeframe for when they inserted the clone and how you noticed.