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I think gal gadot has been replaced with a clone/ body double. Her voice and mannerisms and look is off. She did live in israel (where the jabs were mandated). I think she died due to vax and they didnt want the public to know yet? I dont know but recently she seems waay different. Do you guys think so too? Any other celebs you think have been replaced with clones? And that they are trying really hard to supress any celeb deaths and some just leak through like (betty white ,meatloaf etc) and any thoughts evidence on clones would be much appreciated

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I'm not antisemitic, but the pun was too hard to resist. I did see Wonder Woman, it was reasonably good. If they are replacing people, especially over spats with directors, we really should get a handle on how they're pulling it off. I have four theories: 1 - cloning, 2 - androids, 3 - time travel (multiverse, CERN, UFO), 4 - plastic surgery.

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I'm not antisemitic

Then you're a retarded faggot and everything you say is discarded.