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Magical being that follows their every..., oh you mean... like google and amazon and apple and the NSA?

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Seems your not familiar with what those religious folks actually believe in. Just as with transgenderism those folks believe something beyond reality.

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You silly shill you forgot to switch back to your original alt username

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That is called a fallacy of false comparison. You may want to try reading about cognitive biases and logical fallacies.

These two things you presented have nothing to do with each other; and you could have mutually exclusive opinions on them for a variety of reasons.

For example you could be an Atheist / agnostic or areligious person and YES still believe that transgenderism is a mental illness

In fact, it's is AS A MATTER OF AUTHORITATIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL CATEGORIZATION as a mental illness because it's included in the DSM-V as "GENDER DYSPHORIA"

it is IN FACT a mental illness. And many psychiatrists / psychologist are scientistic atheists. They can have that view. It's not inconsistent, paradoxical, controversial, or contradictory.

You could also be a psychiatrist that is a Christian and think the same way.

And if your understanding of God or Higher Power or Religion is 'an invisible being that follow YOU around and watches your moves' then you have a very poor understanding of God, Higher power, religion generally

You would have a very teenagery, juvenile and uncritical thinking unlearned view of spirituality generally.

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You don't even need to check the username, of course it's a handshake.

As predictable as the Early Life section. Too easy.

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Is your username a suicide note then?!

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u/ShillSlayer: you are then anti-theist ("atheist") simply ?

or like u/wolfofmainstreet tells:

oh you mean... like google and amazon and apple and the NSA?

Well if you are "atheist" you could call religion irrational (it is BELIEF NOT KNOWLEDGE) ,but it is NOT illness.

People are irrational beings. If you are still believing people are or can be even rational you are living in biggest delusion. Think what if 2nd Godel law would be applied to mind... Answer also this: if human is product of evolution why religion emerged and stayed in human society ?

Religion can be already is helpful in many ways and it ISN'T even harmful to person live in the society in most cases (unless you are fanatic obsessed about it too much) ,while homosexualism or transgender behaviour is leading to self-harm,health-damage etc, what is meaning that both homosexualism and "transsexualism" are illnesses.

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I'm not an atheist, I am sarcastic.

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One hates themselves for who they are, the other tries to live a good life grounded in morality rather than depravity. They could not be further apart.

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Oh goody, the fedora tipping mouthbreathers came from reddit as well.

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God I hope we don't get swarmed, this is a final outpost for mostly legit posting without shills and bots ruining discussions.

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god is an interventionist. if you haven’t had a personal experience with what god is, might i politely suggest that you stfu about the matter?

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Hahahahaha. Poor confused faggot, trying to justify his delusional existence. Die fag.

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OP's first post and gets minus 17... :D Doesn't reply to a single comment afterwards.

Shill confirmed.