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Nothing in the news has made sense for a long time. Gender politics, halfwit Boris, halfwit Trump. Situations were allowed to continue regardless of how unsustainable, offensive and ridiculous they were in the face of public outcry.

I think the whole thing has been a test run to facilitate what's happening now.

Offensive leaders who contradict themselves taught them how to divide groups. They saw how resistance groups organised themselves and they fine tuned the silencing of these dissenters and ultimately...well....they banned The Donald sub didn't they? They knew exactly how to take over NNN and shut it down.

The whole gender politics game taught people to be quiet over the misrepresentation of medical and biological realities. It taught people to keep their opinion to themselves or they were being "hateful". This game taught them how to prey on people's kindness and weaponise freedom of choice. They knew exactly how to shame people into towing the line - the dirty granny killers.

A racism problem was fabricated to justify baseless BLM protests. This us to become used to and disregard the idea of spontanious rioting in our areas as "those idiots making noise about things that are not real problems".

The masses have been trained to disregard questions over 5G as lunatic wifi brain control, so they dont ask how it could actually be incorporated into the internet of things and sustain a technocratic agenda.

Safe is dangerous. Men are women. Sitting at home on your fondle slab is socialising. Children are now adults. Bad people are good. Healthy people are actually sick. Terrorism is for your safety.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

Those clever fucking rats. The mental framework to accept the new normal has been under construction for years.

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The general idea is to make societal change so pervasive that the average person cannot keep up. The intent is that people slowly surrender the will to understand the world outside them to outside authorities. Beware the temptation to view things from a left/right paradigm or to obsess over the details of the culture wars. Focus on your health, your connection to your family, the happiness of your children.

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i am more a moderate conservative. my gf is more a liberal with some moderate views. know why we get along soo great? we both understand it's about our health, connections physically, mentally AND energy, and it's about how happy we are together in our lives.

people forget that :(

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Bro I got saved. Just get saved. This world is what it is, fallen. But I'm good. I don't want to, but I could withstand so much more now that I have Jesus.

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Great news!

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This is an incredible post.

My first memory of a huge protest being socially shut down by internet censors and news media producers was march on wall street. The narrative was that the protesters were just hippies who didnt know what they were protesting.

Then over the years the conversations about class and wealth inequality were replaced with race and social inequality.

They think theyre hiding, the filthy mole-rat vermin who literally came from the underground. Its sad that people dont talk about bankers as much anymore.

My political position has ascended to a place where even right wingers look like sheep. Anyone who refuses to call out the enemy by name. Ursury. Occultism.

Follow the money and it always leads to Israel.

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I borrowed your BLM point. Good spot. Someone else mentioned Brexit which has been perfectly divisive in the UK.

I've just realised when speaking about lockdowns with people that many of them default to the learned talking points adopted during Brexit. Trade deals this, independence that, Farage wouldn't have allowed this blah blah blah. Pick your puppet and argue endlessly amongst yourself. Just like that shit hole reddit.

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Hegelian dialectics. Divide and conquer.

Bosses know about this for 1000s of centuries.

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Not read up on Hegelian Dialectics before. If people were taught this at school then we would have fewer gullible dumbshits.

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Whatdo you mean?

People are taught photosynthesis in school and still believe co2 will set the world on fire because their tv said so

Also learn in school about natural immunity and immune system, now they think that is conspiracy theories

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I talked with an Aussie expat 50 year old real estate player over coffee a few days ago.

He bragged that he just got the shot.

I asked him. Do you know what transhumanism is?

Dull blank stare. No.

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It's a bit far fetched, but maybe "trans" acceptance was deliberate programming to have people automatically accept "trans"humanism?

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It's all part of the same thing. Post human non sense.

The current crop of graduates is so dumb they think there's no difference between men and women. As if a baby could get born out of some guy's ass.

50 years ago they would have been burning down the College President's House instead of agreeing with all this bullshit. It's their funeral if they want to be slaves.

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I see 2012 as the tipping point where after which the state took an active interest in communist propaganda.

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Wasnt that when Obama removed the propaganda law

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Yup, Smith Mindt Act, 2012.

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The whole gender politics game taught people to be quiet over the misrepresentation of medical and biological realities. It taught people to keep their opinion to themselves or they were being "hateful"

I strated to realize something was deeply wrong when you see a men desguised as a women you are supposed to accept it is a woman. And if you son't you are hateful. I refuse to don't trust my own eyes, brain and spirit

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Breath is now a deadly weapon.

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The last sentences remind me of that CIA person who said “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

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When you realize Brexit was specifically in preparation for Covid travel restrictions... They've known about the lab leak since before the disease was even engineered.

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Weird look at my last post I just made . It’s very similar in thought. Yesterday I came to the same conclusion. I also had a massive realization that we are going to have to drop left and right for the moment and ALL humanity is going to have to wake up and unite peacefully. We have to be compassionate leaders in this I believe. They targeted liberals because they tested things for years. Shit. The transkid crap was probably just a test to see how far they could push people in altering their beliefs. Seriously they have convinced people to cut off babies actual babies dicks. If one doesn’t believe true evil is behind this they are blind. It’s weird I felt like this was coming on some level for years.

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Cultural Revolution, digital edition.
Level the plebs to equal squalor.
Create famine, economic chaos.

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I felt guilty for not genuinely believing in the trans ideology as far as denying biological reality. I researched trans ideology to understand and become more accepting, but the research actually peaked me into believing this is nonsense and it made me skeptical of the medical industry.

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I feel for anyone who has problems and suffers with psychological problems, when it's politicised and normalised we have problems. It doesn't seem organic at all - there's clearly an agenda or environmental cause for this much dysphoria and I reckon.

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Soon, people will be locked down in their home for a decade, suicide cases will skyrocket and nobody will know the democide known as "the Great Reset" had struck at full force, behind even the smartest anti-vaxxer's line of guard.

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I swear, they could be hanging Fauci live and you'd still be yapping on about synthetic organs and centuries of lockdowns. Look at what was done to Biden and his handlers over the past few weeks in Afghanistan. Still think we're going to lose? What's it going to take for you to snap out of your cowardice?

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If I see everything actually going to the opposite end of the scenario I imagined with my very eyes, I would not had been did that.

See? I haven't talked about 4 million dead in a year in Hong Kong because of antifa revolutionary killers or Floyd leading to the America Civil War because they no longer do.

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Hopefully we see more Heemeyer events