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I've reviewed the evidence for release and not only are they numerous plausible scenarios but there's also evidence for it. Specifically China's miraculous handling of the virus and very early detection is what you might expect from a deliberate release. Evidence is not proof but it's probable cause.

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I don't believe the virus exists. In 2019 the US had what, 38 million cases of flu? And the next 'flu' season it was 1500 people? And somehow flu disappeared to be replaced by something extremely similar. What did come out of Wuhan was a few research papers that discussed treatment of covid-19. And those treatments completely threw away all conventional logic and wisdom when it came to treating respiratory infections. The logic was it was so dangerous to let infected patients breathe that they should be put on ventilators straight away, to protect the staff. The WHO then pushed out this recommendation everywhere. I think this policy probably directly let to the death of huge numbers of people. It's well known that ventilators are a last resort when it comes to treating respiratory infections, and that they have a high mortality rate.

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The way I see it they TRIED to release an actual virus and it failed spectacularly.

But their network was already in place. The orders were already out to panic over the new "deadly" virus the moment the signal went out. By the time anyone could see through the cloud of their own propaganda and realize the virus had failed, they just kept up the charade because it was working.

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Please look into why we treat bacterial infections like parasites because it would explain everything. All viruses and bacterial infections are parasites from environmental toxins and inoculation. We only suppress the immune response of said parasites when we prescribe antibiotics. That's why we have a yearly "flu season" and shit, our body tries to detox the parasites and instead of letting it we suppress the immune response for a few more life cycles until they start acting up again and producing toxins causing flu symptoms, or destroying organs and causing cancer. Bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics/antiparasitic medication because it stuns the life cycle of the parasite, suppressing the toxins it's releasing and getting rid of your "flu like symptoms" we never actually rid the body of the parasites. Just feed them and keep them out of site out of mind.

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Just speculation a dip in flu season makes sense when people aren't being inoculated and actively going to the doctor and are detoxing on their own. No one wanted to go the the "overloaded hospitals" this last year. I wish people would realize they're not gonna die when they get sick, that it is literally their body's way of fighting off something that shouldn't be in there. Do not go to the doctor for a dose of metal to feed your parasites. I'm done now lol.

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And if I'm being honest antibiotics essentially feed your parasites. The doctors are feeding and rocking to sleep your parasites with mercury for a little while so your symptoms go away. They'll always come back as long as the bacteria is in your system and being fed.

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It certainly is interesting.

There's also a theory that they're trying to setup Fauci as the ol' "lone gunman".. So when people realize the vaccines are causing deaths, they can all point the finger at him and maintain the credibility of the system.

"We were just following orders"

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Everyone responsible for propping up the COVID hoax will be held accountable for perpetrating crimes against humanity.

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Husband is currently quitting a job that they NEED him for because they invited Moderna to the job site for incentive. Already put in his notice but currently gathering paperwork to inform people of Nuremberg code and the dangerous ingredients in the vaccine, also information on how they're currently choosing to participate in a phase III trial which no mRNA vaccine has made it out of, cause it killed the host. Giving them informed consent. Also have a copy of the blank insert to show but yeah we out here educating people they're participating in genocide. Gets a lot of backlash but truth is truth. Everyone going along with the narrative is actively participating in experimenting on humans with a substance known to cause death. Genocide and Nuremberg code violation. Fucking weirdos but hey apparently you gotta tell them lethal injection is wrong. Point of this comment is to show people it's okay to stand your ground, losing your job is not the end of the world, and you'd be surprised at how the universe provides when you do the right thing. Left one job after talks of mandating masks and vaccines after THREE PEOPLE DIED FROM THE VACCINE AT HIS SHOP WITHIN TWO WEEKS. three. Heart attack sudden death and stroke in all three. Led him to this job to a dude who's on the fence with a pharmacist girlfriend. Homie is now not getting it, and educating his pharmacist girlfriend, who is administering these shots. Things happen for a reason, do the right thing, and the universe will provide. Participating in murdering innocent and ignorant people is always wrong, so don't do that lol.

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Hope so,but by who ? By Q and trump ? Would be nice but I don't see arrests in USA, and in my country (Poland) government scums want to "vaccinate" children in schools on autumn...

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how's life these days?

what happened to ITALYGATE and the KRAKEN?

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Not really.

Suffice to say, there’s very little evidence to support the idea the virus known as Sars-Cov-2 was developed in a lab.

There's enormous evidence. More evidence for it coming from scientific activity than it coming from any other activity.

Read this for an introduction:


The no evidence thing is a left wing psyop. There's no evidence by the same standards of evidence for any other possibility.

The scientific mission was specifically to create new live SARS viruses and they proved they had the capability to do so because they were doing so.

Also by design their methods are the same as nature because they're trying to prove theories about how nature does it and also pre-empt nature by doing it faster to predict what nature will do next.

We have nature making new SARS viruses and the laboratories making new SARS viruses. The laboratories are doing it faster than nature, that's their mandate for this scientific mission, that's why it's called predict. Do the same as nature but accelerates it to predict what nature will do in the future.

These are accelerated evolution techniques. You have nature doing this once in a blue moon then you have the laboratory if this research continued potentially doing it at a hundred times or more the rate of nature.

A very crude example is if you have a 10 RPM record player and you want to work out how it might burn out and break down in ten years of continual use. So you might run it at 1000 RPM for a year.

They could have also called the research FASTER instead of PREDICT.

The paper in the link above Fauci sends internally to a few high level staff but not externally and he's in a panic when he sends it then they check for connections to see if they're liable at all.

I've been analysing the possibility of a lab leak and at the very best it's a coin toss. There is however if you start off assuming it's not a lab leak (probability 0) then collect all the evidence for or against, then it moves toward a probability of 100%.

There are just way too many coincidences for it to be coincidence. There are also other ways this could result from scientific activity very easily. They're also going out to find these viruses and trying to get to them before other humans almost to the point potentially where they'll always be the first humans to find it and potentially spread it into the human population.

They also use humanised mice as a testing platform and if they escape their humanised genes can spread through the wild mouse population particularly if they confer an advantage then they can create a perfect platform for the virus to then naturally jump to humans as that's almost what they're designed for in SARS research which is extensive in China and especially Wuhan.

People don't appreciate much that this is basically SARS-2. Scientifically this is called SARS-2. It's so close to SARS yet so remote that it raises some serious questions. It matches the end goal of the research almost perfectly as well as the source material they are using and that is available to them.

Also no animal origin has been found and they don't even appear to be looking for it. The whole response is a huge give away.

Look at this and jump to the section on "The Research" (hopefully you have the right font):


No one should be taking things like off-guardian seriously because arguments like "no evidence" really just means they don't know anything. If you're an idiot and you know nothing then sure there's no evidence for that or much of anything.

axolotl_peyotl [S] 4 points ago +5 / -1

They're hoping people stay ignorant (most will).

They'll hear "lab leak" and start freaking out again, when literally they should be doing the OPPOSITE.

A "lab leak" means this "virus" was inherently unstable and was QUICKLY mutated beyond recognition by mother nature.

The reason they couldn't go with the "lab leak" theory initially is because they NEEDED the mainstream scientific sheep to go along with it, and they had to be convinced this virus was natural and therefore would become endemic.

Now that we know the virus is fake af (which I told you all VERY LOUDLY AND AGGRESSIVELY in JANUARY 2020), they are scrambling to maintain the narrative.

It's actually somewhat glorious watching them squirm. If it wasn't at the cost of the mental health and well-being of a generation of children, I would be rejoicing at the exposure of their abject corruption and psychosis.

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I disagree with this part:

and re-frame China to play the heel.

I think they are reframing the USA as the cause of all the world problems. Just one more excuse to dismantle it.

shadeLM 2 points ago +3 / -1

They're going with lab leak theory so everyone will rush out to get said immunity from biological weapon by injecting said biological weapon. Which is the dumbest shit I ever heard. Literally the only reason we have viruses in the first place. YOUR KIDS ARE GONNA DIE OF MEASLES! proceeds to take child to be purposefully exposed to measles. Logic.

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The article above is bullshit propaganda. People should just wipe their bum with it.

The lab-leak story is:

an out for those who haven’t wanted to face the fallout of covering the actual Covid story (i.e., manipulation of definitions and statistics to generate the illusion of an apocalyptic plague)

This is CCP propaganda. We can tell this because it's making a blatantly false argument to attempt to rule out a lab leak. That serves the CCP and the WHO.

It's replacing one accusation with another weaker one. The problem is they're not mutually exclusive. The latter is a matter of fact so they can't really deny it. So instead they try to make it mutually exclusive to try to use it to deny another crime.

The virus emerging through some kind of scientific origin is what we call a possibility. We don't usually call those theories by default. A lab leak is more specific but it's also a distinct possibility. It's absolutely not a story unless I guess if it might be referring to cases where people are referring to is as what happened in the same fashion as someone saying the coin landed on heads before actually checking though it doesn't give the impression of referring to that from the context.

No one in their right mind should take this article seriously if you bother to read it.

They're now allowing people to consider institutional involvement now because they can only maintain so many lies at a time. It's simply a matter of limited capacity so the question is what are they going to cover up next?

That an the journalists want to make all the money releasing the story after colluding with their buddies in twitter, facebook, google, etc to remove all competition then when they report on the story they get all the traffic and the advertising revenue.

The news is their intellectual property. No one else is allowed to do news. something like that is too valuable to let anyone else report on it.

Many internet users don't realise they have a multibillion dollars worth class action antitrust lawsuit against big tech and the press. What happened or might have happened isn't actually their intellectual property. They've been imposing copyright on things you can't copyright.

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Lawsuits... I doubt in those lawsuits "power" really. Law is not working on the rich and powerful,they break it regularly without consequences.

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Trump should throw a few bucks to test the waters. Not too little to guarantee failure. Not so much to try to pay to win. Just a little bit to see how far it gets.

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Lol because nothing instills confidence in the quality of a man made virus quite like "made in China" labels.

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Definitely fear porn

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"Minimal" implies there IS some evidence. The dots connect but someone is definitely good at hiding their tracks.

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All they did was rename the fucking flu.

Holocough is a hoax!