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(1) people dont know how to think and have limited vocabulary compared to the 80s and 90s

(2) growing up in the 90s WW2 was on TV all of the time but now in the netflix age is buried deep somewhere inside netflix / hulu

To battle this in yourself watch tv / listen to stuff from the past, stuff from the 50s to 90s.

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personally looking back at when i was a teenager, I was much more creative and free thinking. Through all of my university years I always felt like we were not supposed to think, and there was no time to think since you had to learn all the stuff taught to write good grades.. I noticed this especially when writing my master thesis that I had forgotten to think for myself on what anything I was taught means and whether it is correct...

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SOMEONE SMART, ONCE said that Institutions are not to add to creativity, they are rather to suppress it.

I am convinced that Children growing up on a farm, surrounded by good books from the 1800's and early 1900's would be many times more Creative, and Interesting than any Educumated person today.

Bukowski said that Writers used to live more exciting lives than they wrote about, but now writers don't have interesting lives, and also their writing is dull.

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The people you describe are the ones who gave us the society we have today. People like the wright brothers, who built motorcycle engines from scratch with limited tools, are the ones who invented the tech we now rely on.

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Some knowledge is Inherent (Held over from Past incarnations), and the right influence at the right time, can bring it all back to the mind. But University suppresses these Historical memories, and instincts for a lifetime, sometimes.

Furthermore, the Educated feel that the only way to acquire knowledge is through the Approved Channels, and so they never search it for themselves,

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seems like I fell victim to the school system and the Internets TV alternatives

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like we were not supposed to think, and there was no time to think since you had to learn

Thinking (imagination) requires adaption to inspiration; which is what nature is communicating to our senses (perception of inspiration). What corrupts this is consenting (by believing) the suggested information from others. Nature offers reality, and so one ignores this when consenting to the substitute information; suggested by others (fiction).

If one believes (the act itself; not what one believes) then one comprehends perceived reality through the lens of the suggested definitions of others (fiction). The few suggest to the many to ignore reality; which when consented to; allows the few to control the fiction the many believe in.

whether it is correct

Truth and false are not natural states; because nature does not define information; it doesn't brand anything; instead it uses motion to communicate inspiration to our senses. ONEs comprehension of ALL perceived represents the temporary definition of reality; which needs to be utilized in adherence to motion aka adaptation to inspiration; not belief in information; suggested by others.

The only thing within a system based on constant change that cannot change are the rules that define how change/motion operates...these represent the laws of nature, and we are being deceived to ignore them; through for example the suggested inversion of motion...time. Time represents the measurement of motion. The suggested affixed states (past; present;future) contradicts motion; while tempting us to ignore constant motion for belief in affixed states.

Within motion "past" represents self inflicted loss; "future" self inflicted hope and fear, and "present" self inflicted stress. The parasites supply all of those ad infinitum.

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To understand the past 2,000 years of history you need to first start digging into the history of money, banking, taxes, entitlements, usery, etc.

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I'm sorry, now, that I mocked my aunt for saying Nixon was a victim of a coup. He was still a mass-murdering, lying POS, though. Sometimes crooks do fall out with each other.

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Nixon fought the cabal and lost. In the tapes you can hear him probing deep into "that bay of pigs thing".

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People really think that either:

  1. Hitler is a Luciferian Figure bent on erasing all Jews
  2. Hitler is against the Illumimati NWO's conquest, like a Stalin or Lenin-like revolutionary figure

This tells a lot how people are dumbed down right now.

The fact is that Hitler is what they exactly need for modern Israel, NWO and the cultural destruction of Europe. He is a reverse psychology strawman from the Rothschilds lobbied by Zionists and London Banks. And his goal is to create situations where the Allies can win by WW2.

Unfortunately, nobody will believe this and it is the proof of indoctrination.

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Hitler was a Rothschild, he died in Argentina 1957. That is what clearful deciding on the arguments presented show.

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Some of us on this beatiful site, filled with Mad Scientists, and Lunatic Geniuses have come to understand that there have been at least 5 Great Resets in modern history..

And many wars, and disputes are in fact coverups for Historical destruction of Evidence for Past Resets.. As an Exxample Mud Floods, old (Very Old) Buildings that are superior in Construction, and Architecture than anything that we could build today..

Why do they cull us? Maybe we are merely a Human cattle in a Humanera (This is Carlos Castenadas name for the Human Crop / Farm that is Earth)