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(1) people dont know how to think and have limited vocabulary compared to the 80s and 90s

(2) growing up in the 90s WW2 was on TV all of the time but now in the netflix age is buried deep somewhere inside netflix / hulu

To battle this in yourself watch tv / listen to stuff from the past, stuff from the 50s to 90s.

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People really think that either:

  1. Hitler is a Luciferian Figure bent on erasing all Jews
  2. Hitler is against the Illumimati NWO's conquest, like a Stalin or Lenin-like revolutionary figure

This tells a lot how people are dumbed down right now.

The fact is that Hitler is what they exactly need for modern Israel, NWO and the cultural destruction of Europe. He is a reverse psychology strawman from the Rothschilds lobbied by Zionists and London Banks. And his goal is to create situations where the Allies can win by WW2.

Unfortunately, nobody will believe this and it is the proof of indoctrination.

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Hitler was a Rothschild, he died in Argentina 1957. That is what clearful deciding on the arguments presented show.

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