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I think there is a name for people like you..I don't want to get banned so I won't say it.

Meanwhile can I say you need to do some serious growing up

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Sorry..didn't understand a word you said. If you are saying there wasn't Adam and Eve or aliens etc ..I think you could argue we are not really here either.

You should get a job with government...you could answer pressing questions without answering any points taking up many pages

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I have just checked and it says that video is not available so this one goes into Elohim root word etc in great depth

I had sent one where so many different Elohim are mentioned in kings and if I find it I will put it on here for you.

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Absolutely. Mauro biglino official channel youtube English subtitles..an Italian Catholic who was employed by Vatican publishers as an expert in old hebrew Greek Latin and others..until he uncovered so much the catholics don't want known. about our beginnings .

There were 13 gan edins ..Adam came from elsewhere and placed in they think one in mesopotamia..then they...the Elohim.... adapted and created animals and fruit and veggies grain..then Eve. It says "from the sleeping body of Adam they take something the term is "rib" but, in reality, it means " side part" this said by rabbi Egael Safran, university professor of medical ethics in Jerusalem "no problem here. The Bible has known about cloning for 4000 years"

Hybrids were made when the Elohim 240 odd ..mainly men..had sex with the adamites...producing nefilim..giants..Nimrod Hercules Gilgamesh etc. The hominids were tinkered with using the blood and semen of young Elohim.

I am staggered at the immense fraud of the religions involved that one of the Elohim.. yahweh..the mass murderering governor of the tribe of Jacob not only set up a money system in Deuteronomy using usury so the Israelites would always dominate the world.. Rothschild federal reserve central banking.......but also circumsion both sexes . .abortion as the Elohim wanted more females and aborted males. Passing the first born through the fire..went on until Josiah 7th century changed it to a ransom. instituted slavery.. the census and using people as a commodity... also the corrupt law systems .

There is far too much evidence even in the bibles they keep altering..again last month new printing of bibles for public..KJ bible Jerusalem Bible etc changed to show Elohim as singular even the Mormon Bible changed to singular with plural Elohim note in the margin.

In kings there is one Elohim king of Samaria. Son of jezebel...fell out of window.. frightened he might die..sent to ask for help from Elohim Baal zebub Elohim of Ekron.

Another Baal Per got turned into a devil because his rituals included sex so people abandoned Yahweh and his wife asherah and for this was punished.

Baal Per became belphegor along with beezlebub...changed to devils from Elohim.

If Jesus is yahweh s only begotten son..contrary to what is in the Bible then Jesus is a hybrid born of a hybrid and fathered by an Elohim.

Mary at 12 was put in Joseph's care in yahweh temple..there since she was three as her mother too old to have a child was visited by a gavri EL and had Mary while her husband was away on business and Mary was promised to the temple at three years of age.

The Bible says Mary was covered by a gavri EL.

The gospel of Peter who was a disciple and wrote that he saw jesus taken down from the cross alive and put in the tomb. Lights in the sky..two men entered the tomb three came out one being supported.

Where is this gospel? Forbidden like many others and the four gospels said to be by four disciples were no such thing and written hundred years later.

Ezekiel describes a chariot he was taken up a mountain in..NASA copied it and PATENTED it. The Mahabharata describes the same space shuttles...

Now we know the name of NASA guy and when ..so do you think that the head of the military Flynn and his brother don't know such a shattering thing..not a god or gods but vicious aliens

Is this why Israel bombed Syria civilian airport last week? They think they have a "divine right" to Syria... yahweh an alien promised it to them

Isn't this all fraud and racketeering?

Mauro biglino the naked bible


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😂😂😂🤣me a spook!!! That information was online .....your levels of paranoia too high!! Go down a few notches.

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I don't trust Malone. He still goes on the virus contagious gravy train..he gets millions in contract COVID vaxxs... controlled opposition

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If you listen to Mauro biglino and Paul Wallis and their very thorough explanation of why this is not so..there were 240 odd Elohim..young some women not many and men. I will leave you to read Mauro..but just remember the sky council of Elohim...

The nefilim was from the Elohim mating with the daughters of Adam and Eve ..giants were made..Gilgamesh Marduk Hercules etc

The Elohim did many experiments in the 13 gan edins around the world..producing it is said monsters and hybrid animals/humans.

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Mauro biglino official channel youtube English subtitles see above in Rothschild bloodlines

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Is it likely that the bloodlines are the hybrids from the Elohim/fallen angels/nefilim/annanuki/arch angels judges etc who invaded here 5000 years ago?

Mauro biglino who does videos on YouTube now collaborating with Paul Wallis from the 5th kind. Paul used to train priests etc ..long church history..Mauro was a translator for the Vatican publishers..

They have unearthed a lot. I would say that sooner or later there will be a massive Rico case...fraud and racketeering case.. Not only are they falsifying bibles to show Elohim singular when there are records showing 240 odd landed on. Mount hebron.

They have also suppressed gospels which show that ..gospel of Peter..was a disciple.show Jesus didn t die. Did see him be taken down from the cross and put in tomb. In the night..light in the sky two figures went into the tomb. Three came out one being carried.

We know that ezekiels description of what transported him to the top of a high mountain..altered in some bibles now to say Jerusalem..was in fact a space shuttle and we know this because after Eric Von daniken s secret meeting with NASA some years ago ended with NASA PATENTING the space shuttle. The Mahabharata book 4 talks about the motherships and the vimanas description is the same as ezeikels. Eric goes into detail of whom he spoke to at NASA in his official website on YouTube ..

There is lots of evidence to show how mortal yehwah was..his love of fortified wine..drinking six litres a day..his missus asherah. Only mentioned in kings in the Bible. more in other countries records where she was well known

He also as did the other Elohim love the smoke from the abdomen fat of women and babies. Yahweh did 613 commandments. Some about how to prepare the fire etc. Yahweh introduced the tax and usury system still used today ..it's in Deuteronomy...it was done to make the Jews dominate over the world..Rothschilds central banks? The Jews are aware of the cloning in genesis. Mauro quotes his conversation I have put on Ashlanddog today. Yahweh also introduced circumsion ..it's in Bible..it's the covenant he made with Moses. It was to tag men and boys as his property and to very much reduce sexual pleasure. Also the census.yearly. ..every person had to pay so they would not be killed Lots did not want to be circumcised and went back to their old idols. ie the Elohim of their fathers.

When Elyon the leader of the Elohim divided the world into territories people had a. Choice of who they would raise an altar to..pay the ransom to etc and there was conflict and wars over territory... yahweh only got the tribe of Jacob. MI-KA-EL got Bethlehem etc and all the way to Ireland through Italy and UK

So.. yahweh was so angry they were worshipping false idols he passed all their first born through the fire...and this continued until Josiah 4 or 7th century changed it to a ransom.

Yahweh also killed millions in mesopotamia ..tower of Babel ..Marduk..one of the Elohim.a giant too..Yahweh was frightened of Marduk and his power. All the Elohim and especially the arch angels..a high rank of Elohim hated yahweh

There's a lot more...how has this mass murderer got to be the transcendental omnipotent omnipresent God and his only begotten son ..wasnt ac tually but that's what they claim.who not only agreed saying to get to the kingdom of heaven you have to obey all my father's commandments 613 and an extra one.give all your goods to the poor. Jesus was a hybrid alien. His mission was to rescue the lost tribe of is ra El. Under Rome occupation. He did not succeed. His cousin..also hybrid John the Baptist was killed.

They may well be coming back..if they ever left...they can live for thousands of years and Adam and Eve had to leave the gan edin as the Elohim were frightened they would be one like us...learn their technology for long life eat from the tree of knowledge which we now have. They had already eaten from the fruit of life..fruit as meaning sex...they knew without AI intervention

The Elohim mated with the daughters of men ..Adams children..that's when they had the giants ..nefilim.. Marduk Gilgamesh Hercules king Og..lots of them.. They were very long lived..Enoch noah etc all hybrids.

They know telomeres lengthen in space

You just had syrias civilian airport bombed..over half a million Christian children died with all the constant bombing..this is because is ra EL thinks they have a divine right to Damascus etc. Well know they don't ..no alien gets to divide the earth up and promise it to their allotted people.

I think myself this IS the great awakening...what else could put 98% of the people in hospital? It affects everybody. Allah is the Arabic way of saying El El twice..they too say we were made from blood and sperm from the young Elohim

I notice the churches..islam c of e Roman Catholic church Ethiopian Coptic orthodox Christian church and their Jewish brothers getting ready to unite as one faith..is this going to stay yahweh the mass murderer child raping POS or what?..

One world government one world church. Wasn't Prince William going to be the token king of Jerusalem..king Carlos whelp?