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Energy is not conserved in our universe. This is simply an approximation that is used because it is true in most small scale scenarios.

Look up Noether’s theorem for the math

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I don’t know about “very common”, but like I hoped to lay out in the OP, there seems to be more than one valid lineage or school of thought that describes this phenomena.

I’ve never seen someone as experienced as Chang however, unless and until you start looking at what many today call “myth”.

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The EMF fields we are constantly bombarded with (wifi, radio, electronics, etc). Fluoridated water. Mental “programming” about “magic” from 1000 differently untruthful sources. Heavy metal adjuvants from normal vaccines, and now whatever-the-fuck they’re branding this gene therapy as... it’s a 360* assault.

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The video literally includes him being scanned head to toe with a handheld metal detector like they used to use at the airport. It also includes him stripping down to the limit of decency.

And in the larger context, where he ran a school teaching these techniques to others, the idea of a “device” is absurd.

I would just point users to your (brief) comment history to get a sense of your possible intentions.

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The sensation is really what makes this whole idea so undeniable.

I challenge anyone to hold a proper horse stance meditation for 5 minutes of silence, and guarantee they will feel the first hints of this hidden reality.

And I’m right there with you, always in lapse of what I know I should be doing with my “free” time. Let’s both and all do better.


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Yes and they are all quite interesting. He frequently points out the interwoven story of “vril, prana, and chi”. One of the few people on yt who’s content I still seek out. I feel like the way he presents it could slightly benefit from less of the “sex magic” perspective and more of the “generative energy of life” perspective. I only say that because I’ve seen firsthand people get a little “weirded out” by his framing, even though it is entirely valid, and obviously has mountains of supporting literature (e.g. the tantra).

I find the understanding demonstrated by Chang (obviously derived from multi-millennial thought traditions) to be more grounded and understandable. Which makes sense, as Chang represents a single, direct lineage, where-as Sepehr is basically piecing together the truth of where we come from by using any source he can find that resonates.

Cheers buddy thanks for the support, I hope everyone who needs to see this is able to.

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Source video: https://youtu.be/TdYM0vNufwc

HD version of the LED demo: https://vimeo.com/269359104

After seeing it (almost) first hand in this footage, I was forced to re-evaluate my stance on every other reference to “magic” throughout history. This video (in addition to learning about the degenerate beliefs that propel the synagogue of satan) led me to faith. Chang lived as a Christian Taoist, healing any and all who needed it while never attempting to profit. If anyone else has managed to live as Christ did; I think this man is most likely one of them. Interestingly, the original followers of Christ called their mission “The Way”...the most accurate translation for Taoism? “The Way”.

In addition to the video footage, in the past westerners have been able to seek out Chang and train under him. A Greek engineer managed to, and for ten years trained under him, and wrote a book trying to apply a scientific approach to what he witnessed and experienced. This book really shines an interesting light on not just the what observed in the video, but investigates possible answers for the how as well. In addition, it's just a highly engrossing book.

PDF of the book: https://www.sacred-magick.com/free/files/The%20Magus%20of%20Java.pdf

I believe John Chang is by far the most convincing case of human potential exceeding the limits set by our current paradigms. A thorough look into him and the mystery around him is able to shine a light on the many dark and seemingly disconnected areas that conspiracy research takes us.

Note: If your only contribution will be to cry "fake" or bring up some non-sequitur about Randi and his ilk of mental midgets, look up the Neurophysicist, Neurologist, Medical Doctor, Documentarian, and the Mechanical Engineer who helped design the F-18 fighter jet with General Dynamics, and debunk them first. They saw Chang with their own eyes and walked away convinced. Your uninformed opinions and youtube "dEbUnKs" are worth less than the pubes on my toilet bowl rim.

A more well studied practice, known as Tummo and practiced by Tibetan buddhists, is quite similar to the foundations of Chang's practice.




"During visits to remote monasteries in the 1980s, Benson and his team studied monks living in the Himalayan Mountains who could, by g Tum-mo meditation, raise the temperatures of their fingers and toes by as much as 17 degrees. It has yet to be determined how the monks are able to generate such heat."

Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical, also published in the journal nature.



"The researchers collected data during the unique ceremony in Tibet, where nuns were able to raise their core body temperature and dry up wet sheets wrapped around their bodies in the cold Himalayan weather (-25 degree Celsius) while meditating."

Similarly, Wim Hof has demonstrated a Westernized approach to g-Tummo that removes the more spiritual or "traditional" aspects in favor of a pragmatic "just what works" approach. In this study he taught 25 subjects his method, and they were all able to overcome the negative effects of an endotoxin injection, while the control group who didn't receive the training fell ill with flu-like symptoms


(use google translate, they haven't made the article available in English)

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I think you missed the analogy, this doesn’t have anything to do with the largely stationary air that you’re accelerating into (“winds” as you called it). The relavent points here are acceleration and “closed” systems. Imagine you’re in a fighter jet undergoing massive acceleration. You get pushed back into the seat with a force of multiple “G”s (aka a multiple of the force of earths gravity). Or you’re in a train which undergoes a much longer acceleration to top speed. You never notice it. Or a commercial jet. If they hit the gas or went into a nosedive, you would feel it, regardless of if there is a windscreen and walls to “break” the “wind”.

The point is, just like you+train or you+plane are closed systems, which undergo acceleration as if they were one body, you+earth (and water+earth for that matter) are a linked, closed system with regards to acceleration. Yes the earth is rotating (continuously accelerating slowly), and because you’re “stuck” to the “floor” of this vessel, you don’t feel it.

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Imagine you’re riding a train going 1000mph. Why aren’t you turned into paste on the back wall?

Same reason water doesn’t fly off the earth. They’re part of the same “closed” (for our purposes) system.

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I think there’s a tier of “obvious” shills who provide a smokescreen for the true subverters.

This sub used to get a lot of the “obvious” tier, mainly cucks from r*ddit who had special gash-boners for axo (TuMORs as they’re better known). But you see it all over the site, people who at first glance seem so blackpilled that they’re covered in shit, but in many cases their purpose is to make being a psychicslave more “normal” (slave to whatever immorality they push, whether that be woman-hating, race-hating, space-hating, the point is they become fixated on a mental construct and eschew reality).

I almost never browse TD (trump slavery) though so I don’t have any specifics to comment on

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Do I need to start my own spontaneously combusted fire just to explain how he does it?

Like Saint Elmo, seeing a modern manifestation like that would be tremendously magnetic. In fact, if you remember, Chang claims to be a Christian, albeit maybe with a more “open-minded” definition of the word than many in the west(or just on this forum) may be comfortable with...

We have powers far beyond what has so enamored you; and we use them not just to heal but to inscribe names in the Lamb's Book of Life.

To clarify, what you’re saying here is that as upstanding Christians one can act as a “lamp-post” to others, and by assisting in leading them to Christ, we have played some small role in their eternal life? If that’s what you’re saying, I agree, and even think that Chang might be doing exactly that.

Is there something wrong with the explanation that evil spirits exist who straitly channel these powers into dubious demonstrations in order to manipulate you, when the real thing exists for free to all who believe?

Well... it’s not like we have any examples of those types of corruptions manifesting any powers of healing like we see here. Nor have I ever seen evidence that “black magik” or whatever you want to call Crowley-esque faggotry produces anything approaching the “manifestions” Chang musters... at most “black magik” (just as a quick example, 9/11) seems to me to be “tricks” or “psy-ops” basically than anything “real”/physical

Now you've got me praying.

I’m right there with you friend. Thanks for the amplification.

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We must invite the asteroids into our home planet, to increase our orbital diversity and potential for exploration

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So if you see a layer of meaning, or you see confusion, speak it out and it will be validated or refined by the speaking.

I frequently try to. My main thing is that circumspection of the physical, plus deep meditative effort, seems to lead to “magic” “healing” “powers”. Chang, and Qi Gong are inexplicable to (modern) Christianity beyond “demunz did it”... Then I wonder if that’s what the gnostics were talking about...Then I wonder if that’s why Rome waged such a campaign of blotting out...

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Nowadays most people called gnostics are connected to secret-oath societies.

I disagree, I would think that most “gnostics” are merely people who see the confusion of the denominations and think they “know” or “see” a layer of thought normally hidden or obscured (occulted even, sometimes, but surely more people today know the “secrets” of the freemasons than have ever sworn an oath to them, same with crowley-types who claim to practice “magik”).

That is to say, with the dearth of resources available today (and even in certain times in the past. Newton springs to mind as a self-directed seeker who effectively fits what I think is the fair and rational definition of “gnostic”) I think “gnosticism” gets a bad rap by attempts to define it as “illuminati satanism”. Like I’ve tried to explain before, I think the proper definition is “someone seeking the correct interpretation of existence”. I find your definition is always slanted to be able to dismiss it out of hand as blatantly wrong. For example reducible dualism. Every gnostic interpretation I’ve seen has had reducible dualism (pleroma, bythos, monad, etc), yet you define gnosticism as irreducible dualism. Even Taoism, which gets quite skewered by some, has its “dualism” reduced into the monism of the Tao.

Idk where I’m going with this, maybe just picking up where I left off some time back. But uhh yeah, reducible dualism...

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except, there aren’t even actual “groups” of gnostics/hermetics/etc, and thus there is no-one and no-thing to swear oaths to.

Also I find it odd your issue with “oaths”, yet you put “creeds” (which is another word for oaths) at the top of your “who is righteous” detector.

If “as above, so below” predated the New Testament? Would that change your mind about “not much to discuss” or would you brush that off like your brush off the enuma elish?

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Isn’t that syncretic with “his will be done on earth as it is in heaven”? I’ve yet to be convinced the wisdom of the mysteries is incompatible with the unveiling of the wisdom of Christ.

I still would love to see a deep dive on the subject, especially the counterpoints you might raise.

This sub might be a good place for such a discussion?

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I’ve never seen so many weasel words and so much spell-casting in one headline/byline

“Link” suggests tenuous

“Probed” suggests a remote, alien (un)likelihood

“Researchers” suggests authority

“Several” suggests disparate

“Theories” suggests yet more unlikelihood

“Under” suggests buried

“Investigation” suggests investigators, yet higher authority still

“Seeking” suggests good intentions when we detect anything but

“Among” suggests sus

“Small” suggests negligible

“Numbers” suggests insignificance

We see through this shit, let’s focus on helping the multitudes remove their blinding specks

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Ayhdk, iayhrc that had to do with clocks

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More days than not, I wonder how and sometimes even if we “in the know” will be able to save the lives of those who do the bidding of the enemy “unknowingly”:


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Jesuit was originally derogatory!

It meant “someone who wears Jesus like a cloak, to hide their own malfeasance

“Converso” is another word I’ve heard for “marrano”

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Everyone involved in trek is jewish.

Shatnerstein, nimoyberg, roddenberg, etc.

Even the people running it into the ground today are from that line (goldsman and kurtzman, who’ve made the recent GARBAGE reboots)

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