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Wow this was just like a decade ago, but these days people would say he's spewing MAGA hatred

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Im lazy from consooming, so instead of making a meme, i urge you to visualize it. Two soyjaks pointing template, top text "related to commerce?", bottom text "must poast consoom"

Suggest rotating and panning this meme in your mind for best effect

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I live in a big north east metro area, there no mom and pop retail stores here, so its already detroited. Planning to move out next year

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This too, just being above board. Its not illegal to start a book club.

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This. And you need to know how they make their money, and not in "oh i have bitcoin" way. Biggest red flags is seeminly clueless person with vague job in a vague place, but somehow they never short on money or time. "Oh i work with clients on developing strategies" that kind of thing.

Almost forgot. It has to be a boys club. Dont accept any women, coz thats the easiest way for bad ppl to ruin things

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I think the most important step is email from work email. Majority of white collar jobs provide work email for security reasons. And verifying their ID. You can run a credit report on them too. All of us probably know a friend who works in sales or real estate or such, where people get loans. They will be in the loop on how to run a simple background check on someone

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Oh noes, Its hopeless fellow goy. Before you even take first step to organize a group of like-minded friends, you're doomed. Because there is no perfect way to screen someone, you should just give up on the whole idea and not do any screening at all

I've read it in various fiction books, but above procedure is how these books describe problematic business (like people selling poisonous non consumable products, various clubs that use monopoly money to gamble and so on) screen potential customers.

Yes this procedure will not uncover a deep sleeper agent that lives a double life, but it is much better than trusting a random stranger

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Everything below is fiction and any resemblance to real places or people is coincidental.

  • Get burner phone, and burner email accounts
  • On initial contact ask them to send you photo of ID and their photo, name of the employer and one real name linked social media account like linked in. Ask them to send you email from their work email. Reply to it with a random word, and ask yhem to confirm the word.
  • Run searches on their name
  • Setup physical meet at public place. Observe them visually as you call them. From here on its more of a gut feeling
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What about all the normal people whos relatives or kids got brainwashed, is it their fault? Jews gonna jew and worm themselves into the places of power. There been some encouraging news on that front, that Trump regrets listening to Kushner and wont make the same mistake in his second run.

But advocating turning on Trump is insane at this point. If we had another leader with same reach and charisma or Trump lost his mojo, but so far Trump is the only rational hope against NWO

by pmp45
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Shitting on Trump is a form of black-pilling, and should be stopped. He is wrong on vax, but no people are perfect. He also trusted Sessions, Pence and Barr. What is he to do at this point? Admitting it would probably be stupid politically, and will be used by our enemies. About politics, Trump instincts are on a God like level incomprehensible to us mortals, he does not have to prove it. If him shilling the vax brings us advantage, let him shill it. People are smart enough not to just dumbly follow whatever he says.

But all of this "Trump is controlled opposition" shit got to stop