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Because they saw what happened in 2008 and the FED simply bought a little more time.

This time there will be no saving the fiat scam and economy. It will collapse on purpose as they printed tons of cash to ensure total controlled destruction, then after everyone panics their money is worthless they will offer the digital enslavement system which for many, will be much better than starving to death.

"You will be enslaved, and you will be happy."

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Video Description:

"To me it is rather obvious by their behavior (some more than others) that selling their soul to Satan or contracting with him in some way has been done. They have made a deal with a dark entity. They have made a deal with the devil.

Often people don't believe this is real, it is! Nobody gets to be rich and famous without signing in blood for Satan, you also don't come out alive! Say yes to Jesus today. Grace time is almost up. Wake up its going to get worse!"