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This started as a thread about the Islamist takeover of the Department of Homeland Security, and everything else.

Capitalist structures; Banks, Multinationals, the PR industry, the Advertisement Holdings, NGO's, Social Media, MSM, Investment Funds, etc, etc, etc..... The Globalist structure , the Muslims have bought it off or are in straight alliance with the Roffs who don't need to pass the Memo to the rest of the Managerial Sheep.

Both threads are backed by a boatload of information that I recommend you save offline. Most of it has been added to Gamergate's research archive.

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This comes from 8chan's video games forum. A few people there are still digging into Gamergate.

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Inclusive Capitalism.

It looks like a whole bunch of C-level executives got together and conspired with a Rothschild to run a political agenda through their corporations, while they were partnered with a member of Russia's Alfa Group who runs a School of Government whose members include Bill Clinton, Eric Schmidt, and the heads of the central banks of England and Israel.

They were paying Hamas to run Russian psyops. Idiots with power.