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I don't know if this is illegal, to make a separate post to sway people, but comments get lost in the back and forth on the Motion thread.

Recently, u/clemaneuverers made a post about kicking FE (Flat Earth) from conspiracies. As expected this went over like a ton of bricks. So let me tell you why I voted YAY:

1 Math doesn't check out. Gravity would not make sense of a flat earth. Furthermore, if one twisted the math enough to fill in the loopholes, the gaps, the, "Huh, it divides by zero," you would throw off the balance of the delicately simple equations. Physics would break down, and in the effort to prove "science," one would find themselves in the uncomfortable position of trying to bring down the basic building blocks of reality.

2 The light doesn't make sense. Sunrises in the lower hemisphere are off by up to 60 degrees in the flat earth model based on what we truly know from locals, the weather stations there, any source there for that matter.

3 The other celestial objects are spheres. (sun, moon, planets, asteroids, etc)

4 NASA is lying, but they can only contort the truth, they cannot kill it.