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You see all these people complaining about whatever degenerate elite agenda on Twitter and they still got ignored? Or Zelensky being called a war criminal? Yeah, you're not there yet.

But when at one point the Internet becomes only several websites owned by people like Zuckerberg or whatever's in charge of the UN or the grid just falls off...you'll see.

They cannot start a World War with people TALKING ON THEIR BACKS. They need only like minded NPCs or robots around and the rest to resistance bunkers or FEMA Camps.

They literally have to blacklist-purge everyone opposing the agenda, leave only like minded NPCs and bots within (the NPCs will be dealt with later under the premise of pruning out traitors) and shut down any offending sites or compromised sites that do not meet the purity criteria like Twitter, Infowars or Scored.win. Kiwifarms is only an example.

Only then WW3 and the upcoming century purge can occur completely unopposed.

This is why they compromise the internet. Everything that happens now is a preparation for a blast to the past.