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A Canadian doctor who was fined $6,255 for refusing to use the controversial ArriveCAN app to regain entry into the country says the government does not have any business knowing her medical information.

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The ArriveCAN website states travelers are “required to submit their mandatory information in ArriveCAN (free mobile app or website) before their arrival in Canada.”

“If you don’t submit your travel information and proof of vaccination using ArriveCAN, you could be fined $5,000,” it adds.

Speaking to LifeSiteNews, Dr. Ann Gillies said she was fined $6,255 in June for refusing to use the ArriveCAN app and for not having a negative test. She received the fine when re-entering the country from a conference in the US.

She said that an officer at the border asked her if she was fully vaccinated, had a negative test, and the ArriveCAN app. She answered “no” to all three.

She was then sent to a “health” office, where she was told she would have to go back to the US to get tested. She refused to go back.

Eventually, she was allowed to enter the country and given two home testing kits.

“If they are worried about COVID, why would they not just give me the test? It’s ridiculous,” Gillies said. She plans on challenging the fine.

“ArriveCAN in general and the fact that they want you to put an app on your phone, I am not complying with this,” Gillies told LifeSiteNews.

“They don’t need to know my medical information, it’s not up to the government, it’s up to my doctor.”

She further noted that the government already tracks people, but she was not going to “help them in any way, shape, or form.”

Meanwhile, a federal privacy commissioner is investigating the ArriveCAN app over privacy concerns.

Jalapeno_gringo 0 points ago +1 / -1

I thought you had to be vaccinated to leave Canada? And if you didn't want to comply, why go back?

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People who had small shitty lives in the b4time cannot grasp what needs to fought for.

An old lady with bigger balls than a.

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GOBLIN7 1 point ago +2 / -1

I'm a bit confused over all the rules for the different countries and they are constantly changing. This is what I heard:

I think they stopped requiring vaxx to travel earlier this summer because of the massive trucker rallies (hidden by msm). But the US requires vaxx to enter so she must have flown to some other country. I think you have to quarantine for 2 weeks even if your test was clean and you were vaxxed. I think you have to get a test prior to flying to Canada and usually they send you through a bunch of cattle gates (they turned airports basically into medical centres now) and have someone swab you upon arrival even if yiu are vaxxed.

From the internet, it appears that a few brave souls are not going through the cattle gates and just going home.

I think during the 2 weeks quarantine, the cops will call and check on you and you have to do tests and talk to people.

So basically, most people can't go on vacation because they would have to take an extra 2 weeks off work.

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Theres a website. 75 countries are open. Canada is not one of them.

Compliance and 2 week vacation life is for pathetic fags.

Countries with NO Testing/Quarantines El Salvador Mexico Norway Slovenia Iceland Bahrain Jordan Ireland Hungary Romania Saudi Arabia Montenegro Curaçao United Kingdom Maldives Aruba Mongolia Moldova Gabon Yemen Costa Rica Sweden Poland Denmark Grenada Latvia Argentina Slovakia Czechia Greece Jamaica Bonaire North Macedonia Switzerland Dominican Republic Albania Bulgaria Lithuania Armenia Kyrgyzstan Kuwait Liechtenstein Croatia Kosovo Serbia Madeira Gibraltar Congo Austria Afghanistan Vietnam Israel Oman Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Cyprus Italy Belarus Turkey Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Germany Georgia Benin Estonia Egypt Finland South Africa Trinidad and Tobago Mauritius Portugal Australia Malta Belize France Rwanda Sudan