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Very interesting book - if you're into Freemasonry, or want to understand it, I highly recommend it. The guy goes over the OLD rituals that were changed during the 1800's to conceal the meaning behind the rituals that all come from biblical symbolism.

It does talk about the knowledge of past civilizations etc.

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Yes - not sure if I read a newer edition, it had more pages, but over all the same book. Good read..

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downloaded and there goes my Sunday. thanks!!!


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I didn't know too much about Masonry when a few years ago I came across the fact that Masons take the "Oath of Nimrod". That told me all I needed to know that it was, at heart, a Satanic organization.

"Well," you might be saying, "Nimrod did challenge Yahweh with the whole Tower of Babel thing, but c'mon, Satanic?"

All I can say is that there is a much, much longer story behind that incident, who Nimrod and Yahweh really were, and the relationship between the two.

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Two aliens in a power struggle, long-running like a soap opera, humans caught in the middle. Each is known by many names, so the pieces of the story are dispersed among many sources. The problem is, researchers either do not make the proper identifications or make incorrect ones so they never put the pieces together.

The real big problem, which you can see all around, is that everyone either does not care or already "knows" what the story is.Either way, they stand no chance of ever running into the truth.

Yes, the evidence has been rewritten, distorted, scattered, but I put it together and I'm no one special. When I look around, though, no one is close to the truth and they don't really desire it anyway. What they already have they find sufficient.

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Enlil and Enki?

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Many think so and that's close, but the evidence is conclusive that it's Enlil and Marduk.

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The book talks a little about Freemasons, but focuses more on past civilizations, pole shifts etc.

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Turns out you still don't know anything

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indeed! its a deep rabbit hole that got me my start in all things conspiracy.