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Of course you all are perfectly familiar with insane obsession of elites with that "climate change", and especially CO2 "pollution".

Let's assume that elites are somehow differ form human race for whatever reason. For simplicity let's call them reptiloids as it is de-facto settled term to describe them.

Let's take in account, that CO2 have few peaks in absorption spectra in all InfraRed (IR) regions. There is near IR and far IR regions. Near IR (NIR) is just a red light, that is too red to be sensed by humans as visible light. Unlike Far IR (FIR), it does not represent radiation of heated bodies (at least heated to normal ambient temperature range, not thousands of degrees), so have no any significant interference with termal balance of our planet. NIR is what your IR remote control blink into TV or other device. It is not heat, it is just a light we do not see. However, camera in the phone could easily "see" NIR flashes of IR remote control unlike FIR.

So, they use FIR absorption of CO2 as a reason of "awful climate change". It is a complete lie, of course, greenhouse climate is not a problem, it is a solution.

As you of course understand, the optimal concentration of CO2 (1200ppm, 3 times more than we have now ), will effectively not only keep and guide the energy of the Sun as FIR to the higher latitudes, but also will reduce NIR light from the Sun reaching the Earth surface.

And here is critical part of theory - NIR light is vitally necessary to keep reptiloids intelligent.

Without decent amount of NIR lighting during day, they are just dumb animals with intellect of chicken. Less NIR lighting, dumber reptiloids. So, it is not FIR CO2 absorption they really care about, but NIR we don't see or feel by our senses. That is their "another dimention" or "supernatural property". They just highly sensitive to the part of spectra we are not care about at all.

So, all that mess is just because CO2 level in atmosphere become slightly higher (or it is a Solar Minimun reduce NIR in sunlight, if you wish) making elites dumbier than 6 years old. They know it and in an enormous hurry trying to, at least, reduce CO2 level in atmosphere, to get more NIR lighting around. As they are failed or too late to prevent NIR shortage, they become dumber and some time ago they become so dumb, that now nearly all their actions do more harm for their agenda than making some use. Since they are dumb and at the same time still own an enormous power, they grabed when was smarter, their stupidity do enormous harm to the humanity.

What to do: Produce more CO2. Fuck carbon footprint. Use open fire and "unsustainable" (as of Agenda 2030), i.e. non-green, tech with highest possible carbon footprint. Go, and make a tasty barbeque on the wood or charcoal right now. Use wood and coal to heat your house. And so on.

This theory gives answers to following questions:

  • Why they are so absessed with CO2 concentration
  • Why they looked wise and intelligent in the past and looks like imbeciles now
  • What could we do to defeat them

New question this theory rises:

  • How exactly NIR is consumed or used by elites?
  • Could we use NIR filters or sources (LEDs, f.e.) to manipulate them?

PS: Additional interesting fact: Incandenced bulbs have much more NIR in radiation than modern LED lamps used everywhere now, even in their homes and HQs. And nearly total replacement of incandenced bulbs to the LED bulbs perfectly coincide with drastic fall of elites intelligence. Especially funny that this happened with noticeable help of their own narrative about "green" shit. Some country leaders even prohibited use and production of incendenced bulbs. That lowered NIR irradiation of environment even more with all consequences.