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Early Life: Jim Cramer was born in 1955 in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia), to Elven parents.

Every jingle time!

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lmao nice user name

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windmoor actually sounds elven.

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The INJECTION is not a vaccine -- The INJECTION doesn't even emulate a vaccine

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he's an elf not just a boomer

Early Life: Jim Cramer was born in 1955 in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania (a suburb of Philadelphia), to Elven parents.

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What they want people to believe is that without the shot a person is more likely to produce variants and spread them to others. The opposite is true. They want to appeal to a sense of duty to help others. It's just that they don't think the average person can comprehend the danger they pose to others simply by having severe symptoms at the same time as many other people with severe symptoms. Instead, they are trying to convince people that the unjabbed will infect others when in fact it is the unjabbed who will suffer the bad cases of COVID-19. What they want to avoid is the situation where the health system is overloaded, thereby causing people to die from lack of care.

Although they mean well, what this means is that deadlier and deadlier variants could be transmitted by people who have gotten all their shots. When we see variants with large numbers of mutations, what it means is that it was able to go from person to person to rack up that high number. Once a deadly mutation happens, the host dies. That means that it is unlikely for that variant to spread to others and survive. It may kill more than one person, but the R rate will be much lower than 1, so it goes extinct.

So the situation they have deliberately created is one where a deadly variant will emerge and be spread by people who--because of taking the shots--will not quickly die from it. The R rate will be higher than 1, because symptoms will also take longer to emerge than in the non-jabbed. It will then go on to ravage people who have not gotten their shots with a massive death rate.

While I think big pharma is in it for money, some groups want to weaponize this by going after targeted groups: the developing world, right wingers, nationalists, and in China, pro-Democracy activists.

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He’s on the most of people not to trust

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Deploy. Unlock war.

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So, media owners are behind the desire to create a one world governing body under what seems to be Capitalist Authoritarianism.

Those that are authoritarian, throughout history, have turned totalitarian.

The richers Eugenics Society will turn the Australian people into the totalitarians this go around.

$5 on that.

It's either that, or we have a global resistance against the Globalist Capitalist Authoritarians.

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this is the guy that tosses toy cows between his legs to simulate beef futures.

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They have been for a while now.

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The sooner the better in order to wake people up. I'm so sick of the foreplay knowing that the masses have the memory of a goldfish.

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Then the members of the military will have to justify giving their lives to try and forcibly take away my freedom.

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This is media?