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Build Back Better coding

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I had talked about this before and you should be there.

Something big is rolling out.

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How does this help small creators?

They literally already had the feature to hide dislikes. That literally already existed...but it was optional to turn on. But now it’s just mandatory to hide it for everyone. Their excuse is so fake and bullshit. It’s to hide dislikes on corpo bullshit and politicians and shit who—if they opted in to hide—would be called out for it. But now it’s youtube “requiring” it so they can go “oh no we didn’t hide them that’s a YouTube policy oh noooooo we totally would have dislikes and be transparent but it’s a YouTube thing oh nooooo!”

Fuck bs.

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I‘ll just start commenting: 👎🏻

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That was yesterday and yet the public dislike count is still there