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Where's the evidence? Did you know that he actually DENIED responsibility in the weeks afterward? Have you ever heard of a jihadist terrorist who denies responsibility for an attack they actually carried out?

Here's a CNN report from the days after 9/11 in which they read a statement by Bin Laden denying any involvement in the attack.


The only "evidence" I could find of him admitting it is a video released years later in which the audio doesn't even match his lips moving.


The same people who tell you that a guy in a cave brought down 3 skyscrapers at freefall speed also tell you that COVID definitely didn't come from that Wuhan lab. We're living in 1984.

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TV made me believe restless leg syndrome was real too.

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It was on TV as "new Osama Bin Laden video" where he talks about it every few months. I don't speak Arabic and even if I did, I wouldn't understand what he was saying because his voice was either muted or drowned out.

New video every few months to keep the idea of Bin Laden being responsible caught my attention even back then. Why does this guy need to keep releasing videos saying he did it and risk revealing his position when everyone already knows he did it? It didn't make sense and it makes less sense now.

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Because television tells them that.

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I didn't see any videos of Bin Laden dancing after it happened

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That statement is an anti semitic conspiracy made by the russian hacker called 4chan that stole (((our))) election.

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A series of video tapes somehow obtained by CNN were released to show in the subtitle that self-claimed Bin Laden says he did it, and he looks like someone else in every single subsequent video.

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