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Forget it, no help. People help each other. Some machines make life easier. Getting a robot to help a person makes that person ignorant and lazy. It also robs them of contact with each other, and it causes far more societal problems as a result. It causes waste, huge waste, making bullshit electric products prone to breaking and replacing. They are destroying this planet. They're full of rare earth minerals and metals, and they are a huge drain on the grid. They do nothing for humanity. Some machines improve humanity. Robots, mimicking humans won't.

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I whole heartedly agree that cell phones and AI was created to make us dumber. To make us mentally dependent on the phones and tech. Kids cant even do simple arithmetic anymore without the phone present to do the work for them. Same when it comes to research, They give it a google or 2 then give up. Everything we have is created and designed to keep us deaf, dumb, and mute...and our minds to befuddled we dont see the giant ass boning we about to take.

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But once the population is drastically reduced due to the fake jab we won't have enough labor...

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Tesla Inc. was incorporated in July 2003.

Musk invested and joined the board in Feb 2004.

Although the CEO at the time wasn't best pleased because Musk stopped calling him a founder and he sued.


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Elon doesn't even care all that much for Nikola Tesla, he's a much bigger fan of Thomas Edison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OOI6sYK-NM&ab_channel=EveryElonMuskVideo

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I just want to remind you that Musk in recent memory was grousing about the dangers of AI running amok. Now he wants to build robots for us.

What he needs to do is stop building autopiloted cars that smash their drivers into stopped trucks.

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What happens when the slaves (robots) begin to think?

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Does this come with replaceable between the legs attachments? Going to be a big hit.

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Wtf is with the balaclava/executioner’s hood??

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I guess with so much money, he must have access to the finest drugs to be able to come up with nonsense like this.