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lol holy fuck. good post . i was a soapmaker for 10 years . it is amazing how much quality is lost by using cheap ingredients . sucks to see dr bronners who had a great reputation go down hill. they were one of the few "small guy" companies that made it big without selling out to johnston and johnston or unilever .they also used to push a message of morality and unity on the inside of the packaging of the bar soaps . they were a good christian company

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afghanistan doesnt want womans rights . if they wanted them they would be making it happen on their own

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you never got banned for shitting on Q

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there is literally a separate Q board because they dont want that shit on ther but hey i guess perception is reality for you

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I doubt that is why you were banned.i have called out Qtards for a couple years over there and the mods used to remove Q posts frequently.were you being abusive about it or something

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Now the owner of. The donald.win domain has taken away the redirect

by DrDT
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those sites wont work unless t/d is down for good. they might take a while to get up. they are for when they throw the killswitch on t/d . they are not for when it goes down temporarily or gets ddosed

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we investigated ourselves and found no wrong doing