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the documents are being prepared by the FBI

All the documents known to be of interest to the American public

So... Reading between the lines... My bet is that anything that is damming to the FBI will be lost, redacted, or not considered to be "of interest".

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Why did it end with a picture of the earth on the back of a giant turtle?

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I was interested in the "black" phone a few years back, and I was looking at the ubuntu phone recently - but I hear most of the "privacy" things are just useless skins and widgets that allow resellers to jack up the price

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But most children are not being raised by their parents. Today, the majority of children are being raised by other children, under the supervision of mildly-interested teachers and daycare workers.

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Thanks for that, I did not know this!

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Thanks for that, I did not know this!

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strange - its still down for me

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And all the backup sites are down

  • thedonald.xyz
  • thedonald.space
  • thedonald.one

none work for me