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SS: UK Government talks about researching the implications of human augmentation.

The project incorporates research from German, Swedish, Finnish and UK Defence specialists to understand how emerging technologies such as genetic engineering, bioinformatics and the possibility of brain-computer interfaces could affect the future of society, security and Defence. The ethical, moral and legal challenges are complex and must be thoroughly considered, but HA could signal the coming of a new era of strategic advantage with possible implications across the force development spectrum.

This isn’t a fringe source friends. This stuff is happening.

It is based on combining current knowledge and wisdom from subject matter experts with assessments of potential progress in technologies 30 years out supporting deliberations and deductions for future humans and society.

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It really is bad policing. I’ve watched 1000’s of hours worth of 1A/2A audits and body cam footage. Most police do not understand the laws they’re enforcing, or the constitution. There’s a ton of narcissistic police who think they can enforce feelings instead of the law. The best thing to do if you ever encounter the police is to not talk to them and record the interaction. There’s so many things they do to violate our rights and people who aren’t educated enough voluntarily give those rights up.

There’s a ton of great police too and most of what you see on the news is just race baiting.

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I’m pro good police who understand the constitution.

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“The expenditures include legal fees prompted by dozens of fruitless lawsuits”

Wait a minute..

First, of the 80 total lawsuits, 34 have either been withdrawn, consolidated with other suits, or dismissed due to legal technicalities such as lack of standing, timing, or jurisdiction. Those judges who dismissed suits never heard the actual evidence of election irregularities and/or fraud, since they did not allow it to be presented in their courtrooms. Such cases cannot be counted as a loss for Trump. If anything, they are evidence of a failure of our judicial system to – at a moment of national crisis – actually address election fraud.

Of the 46 remaining lawsuits, 25 cases are still ongoing, so that the winner and loser of these cases is yet to be determined, while 21 have been completely adjudicated. These are cases where the court heard arguments, considered any relevant evidence, and then issued a formal ruling on the merits.

You may be surprised to learn that, of these 21 cases, Trump has won 14 and lost 7.

In other words, Trump has won two-thirds of the cases to date that have been adjudicated by the courts.


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This isn't new. It's a reminder that outside of these communities and fringe groups who talk about these things, exist people who are talking about these issues in an organized manner to act. Also, that these aren't conspiracies. These are real things happening right now and have been happening for a long time.

Things discussed in this video.

  • Child trafficking / slavery / torture
  • Satanism / rituals
  • Organ harvesting
  • Pedophillia
  • Adrenochrome
  • Blackmail
  • Pizzagate
  • CIA/FBI asset/drug smuggling
  • Voter fraud
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You should reach out to the source I provided for their proof that it’s legitimate.

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I refresh /new here and on the conspiracy sub reddit’s all day every day and haven’t seen it once. Where are you getting 100’s of times? Not saying it hasn’t been posted before.

Also what’s your problem with me reposting something like this that may not have been seen before?

Edit: Searching through some of the common conspiracy related boards I’ve only found 1-2 other posts about this.

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Ashley Biden talks about her childhood and mentions “inappropriate showers” with her father. You can view the full diary and summary of its validity https://nationalfile.com/full-release-ashley-biden-diary-reveals-child-sex-trauma-drug-abuse-resentment-for-joe-whistleblower/

Edit: Same post getting downvoted into oblivion on /r/conspiracy_commons

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You need to ground yourself in details that you know to be true and then base assumptions of current events on those truths.

We know that voter fraud happened. We know the Biden family is corrupt. Those two details haven't changed and give credence to all the conspiracies around the legitimacy of Biden's presidency.

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You’ve said what you believe to be nonsense. I’m asking why is it nonsense?

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He’s not just saying these things as commentary or a podcast.

The phone call with him and Mercer Law school was a real world event with real people acting in their professional capacity. Listening to this information needs to be presented in the right frame.

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What makes it nonsense? He’s very sensible in the way he articulates his argument.

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I don’t believe what you’re talking about accurately depicts the reality. If that’s what you got from listening to Lin, I can assure you that you’re not understanding what he’s talking about.

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I can only lead the horse to the water, I can’t force it to drink.

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You didn’t listen to the audio. I believe you might change your mind if you listen to the entire phone call.

I don’t believe he’s lied about anything.

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“I learned today that my alma mater Mercer Law School was holding a Zoom conference call with faculty and students to discuss demands that my name be removed from a courtroom in the school. The school named the courtroom for me after I made a $1M donation to the school. I did not seek the recognition. I joined the call unbeknownst to the Dean, Cathy Cox. After she falsely slandered me, including references to my relationship with my children, I spoke up. I spoke truth. Judge for yourself after listening to my remarks.”

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Looks like I won’t be needing that early access to /con anymore!

Keep up laying out the information friend.