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Thanks. I'm just trying to understand what chemtards think is happening with 60 planes are high altitude spraying chemicals. Who's doing this? Commercial airlines? Or a military that is doing this at a scale that is able to do it in N. Florida, N. California, and N. Michigan, all locations specifically mentioned in my thread? And I'm like, WELL? Nope. Everyone bails like the losers they are.

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In this post, OP claims to see over 60 "chemtrails" at high altitude over where he lives.


This is hardly "crop dusting," and to suggest someone either hasn't 'heard of it' or thinks that that's what's going on here is absurd.

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It's the zenith of stupidity to think that this is what I was referring to. People that unironically post this are literally too stupid to live. Like I don't think crop dusters or cloud seeders exist. In fact, I happen to live in the #1 hail damage zone in all of NA, and I watch the cloud seeders defending the insurance companies from hail damage all the time.

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I am that mod.

In that thread I asked for proof that commercial aircraft are spraying. NOT ONE person gave me anything to look into. For proof, in one thread, I got a pic of a 747, shot from behind, making four contrails. OK. What's doing the spraying in this theory, the engine? Or secondary systems unrelated to the engine, but on each aircraft, designed to look like it's coming from the engine, i.e., one system per engine making four trails from a 747/380, two from, say, a 737?

I have personally taken apart a 737 engine. Nothing spraying in there. At all.

I have personally taken apart a 737 wing. Nothing spraying in there, either.

GreatAwakening.WIN has been inundated with chemtards this past week, and the mod team is noticing. You want "compromised" or controlled opposition? That's chemtards, invading our .WIN as exactly that, to make Q and the anon researchers who dig look like retards. Comments like this, for instance, are so fucking goddamned stupid, I can't even begin with you people:


Some of the hilarious claims from this post:

Not enough space in wings or fuselage for required oil as listed on Wikipedia.

No. Look up center line tanks. Smaller planes use them. Not all do. Did you know that the A380 carries ALL its fuel in its wings? The wings are HUGE.

Fuel would move with the plane turning.

The wings aren't hollow

No fumes.

TONS of fumes. I have worked on an aircraft ramp. JP2/4 smells terrible

A leaked video showing an air compressor instead of the fuel pump at an airport.

So? That's how they start the engines—by blowing air

The weight of the fuel would tear the wings off since they're so far away and there's very little support.

Are you crucial?? The wings can withstand over a MILLION lbs of flex:


To top-up the wings with enough fuel as quickly as they do it would require a hose at least 5x faster than a fireman's hose - which would blast right through the metal and make lots of noise.

Dumb. Literally brain dead. I'll stop there.

We don't need people this stupid in this movement. Feel free to stay off GreatAwakening.WIN, or I'll keep you off it. We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here. WE ARE THE PUBLIC FACE OF Q. OUR MISSION IS TO RED-PILL NORMIES.