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You should post a link if you’re going to make a broad accusation about the judge. Everyone looked her up, but you could’ve posted a link that 10x more people would’ve looked into. At 57 you’re a conspiracy elitist.

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I understand the fear but isn’t this saying it was developed in vitro? Like just a culture of human cells? The implications are frightening, but theological of the idea behind a biological supercomputer is fascinating. The reduction in energy use and increase in potential processing power. Eventually everyone’s home while have a living, breathing heart. Absolutely satanic 😔

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Lol, if you don’t know about Fauci’s complete mismanagement of the AIDS crisis and the drug AZT idk why you’re defending him. Watch Dallas Buyers Club, it’s the same bullshit he’s doing now with Covid

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Sheep laugh at you anyway. Embrace reality.

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Why though? 20 years later and still no answers.

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Definitely not the guy with Alzheimer’s

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How do you contend with the death throes of the establishment resisting any type of separatism?

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I also believe in the plandemic and I was conversing with my sibling the other day. How do you explain people that have recovered not having a sense of smell or taste? Can this be explained by other virus’?