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While, at times, I've felt the same way, this outlook is a lot like the promised global warming catastrophe. It's not coming that quick, you don't need to panic, it's not going to look like the apocalypse you were promised. But, your life is going to change (it always will) and you need to start making smart decisions to be independent and prepared. This applies to both natural disasters and economic uncertainty.

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You're making a few unsupported assumptions. It is not Russia against the world. Does Russia intend to occupy or annex Ukraine?

  • China is pro-Putin
  • India is favorable to Russia.
  • Russia exports a lot of much needed resources.
  • The Middle East basically thumbed their noses at Briben asking for more oil.
  • If Putin finishes the job and pulls the military out of Ukraine in a couple months (unlike when the USA goes up war), then goes to the UN with the receipts.... he has won (though you may not hear it that way), the war is over, and sensible people will find it hard to be mad at him.