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You sound like a Chinese bot dude.

What you should be concerned about is how it’s spreading from human to human at all.

It’s a DNA virus that has previously only traveled from animal to Human and not human to human.

But instead of talking about that your pushing themes that benefit the dnc douchebags who want to shut this site down.

Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe not.

And it can spread through skin contact. Imagine not being able to do a simple search.

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Flooding more useless bullshit posts.

What a coincidence…

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You’re part of the problem you piece of shit lol.

Such a fucking clown.

Honest truth my ass. Shill motherfucker.

Iknowitsu -3 points ago +2 / -5

You literally did just respond LOL.

And what a surprise… more predictable shill inversion techniques. You’re such a fucking amateur lol.

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You are bad at larping.

You’re trying too hard to seem like a rambling schizo boomer.

It doesn’t come off as authentic. It’s obvious theatre, and low quality at that.

Iknowitsu -2 points ago +1 / -3

I’m good.

Gonna keep calling out these obvious fuckwads every chance I get.

If you want to defend hate larpers like a fucking moron, be my guest, useful idiot.

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King is part of their shill operation, just FYI.

Look at his posting patterns.

Not a genuine person. Supporting other accounts.

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Glow is a shill, most the dialogue here is amongst his own alts.


Iknowitsu 1 point ago +3 / -2

The conversation is what’s fake.

Fake fake fake astroturfed BULLSHIT.

You’re literally fooling no one and your existence is completely pointless.

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Look at this obvious hate larp.

He’s literally calling for violence and trying to make it seem like the sub supports this point of view.

Expect him to do a few filler posts then return to a similar theme, or similar rhetoric.

They’re trying to get the sub shut down.

Fuck you, hate larping moron.

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Ding ding! Here’s the hate themed post.

He rotates between this and filler posts.

He’s a hate larper.

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Ghost is a fucking shill.

Seriously, fuck you ghost, hate larping dipshit.

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Glow is a shill that spams posts along with 5-6 other accounts.

Iknowitsu 0 points ago +1 / -1

Ghost and king are both shill accounts.

Just FYI.

Iknowitsu 1 point ago +2 / -1

Awww are the poor widdle shills upset that their hate larps are getting called out?

Poor widdle baby!!!!

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