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Yeah you didn't start banning people on /r/conspiracy until you felt like you were losing the argument. And when you do start banning people from here? Well who'll be bale to call you out? No one. You've just created your own safe space.

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No but your platform has appointed axo as a moderator. So you're not making decisions, you're just appointing people to make decisions. To put it another way: what are the criteria for becoming a moderator, and having that power other than being appointed by you - the platform?

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So you've told us you and axo set up this forum, you've told us that you don't think that there should be any banning, but you're perfectly fine with axo - the person you partnered with to set up this platform, banning people for disagreeing with him?

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Sorry, I think there's something wrong with the link, I can't see all his posts, only the posts he makes under that username.

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Ok, if you're the technical muscle behind the operation - and since you believe that censorship is wrong, I'll make a deal wiht you. If I provide evidence directly to you that axolotl has been censoring and banning people on /r/conspiracy simply for disagreeing with him, you remove axolotl as a mod from this forum. Deal?