So let’s start off with some common ground. I’m sure most people will agree the moon revolves around earth. So with that in mind, how do you think it’s possible if the moon revolves around earth. That the sun is making the same path in the sky that the moon does? It’s the story of the tortoise and the hare. The moon is the tortoise it’s slower than the sun but yet it completes the ecliptic in one month. Winning the race. The sun takes a whole year to make the same path but flys across the sky faster than the moon. Our senses tell us we are stationary but we are told we are spinning and flying around the sun and we have to believe it on blind faith.


So I’ve been looking into this for a few weeks. It’s hard to to explore the globe earth theory as all debunkers are jack asses who responses are basically if you don’t know physics you’re a retard and I can’t help you lol. My conclusion so far is NASA is definitely lying about shit and in reality it seems like their is a lot of people who will never be convinced of a globe unless they can see a curve for them selves. Honestly why do globe defenders get so bent out of shape if it’s such a stupid thing to think the earth is flat. If I was arguing with an idiot I wouldn’t even entertain them. What is the purpose of people pushing flat earth. Flat earthers definitely give a reason to why globe theory is pushed so hard. I would like see some level headed debunkers that can actually explain to a normal person why flat earth is wrong and answers to their questions. I find plenty of explanation for flat earth that answers alot of what global theory people say debunk flat earth.

Flat or hollow?