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When Feinstein dies, we will then find out her role in planning the murder of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone in 1978 by former SF Board of Supervisor Dan White. Feinstein then was President of the Board of Supervisors and facing a dead end polititical future, with Moscone certain to run for re-election.

She told Mocsone not to re-appoint White after he resigned and White then asked for re-instatement as Supervisor; she lied to White that she had tried to get him back on the Board but it was Moscone and Milk who were against that move. Then Feinstein took a trip to Nepal for weeks with her boyfriend, not returning until a day before White killed Moscone. So White couldn't contact her. Feinstein was friends with the top brass at the San Francisco Police, who passed on to her the information they gained from illegal wiretaps of White's phones. Feinstein never told Moscone that White had become homicidal over not being able to get his seat back.

I wonder what happened to the SFPD recordings and reports of White's phone calls. Probably including calls he made to Feinstein. Luckily for Feinstein, after serving a manslaughter prison sentence, White in 1985 "committed suicide".