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Watching latest Redacted where their guest told about faked self-conducted studies by BigPharma of their own mRNA vaccines to pass fake approvement process to show that all formalities passed, I think out yet another theory of what that mRNA vaccines really could be. May be too long, but I'll try to explain everything.

Shortly, the girl told that in that tests they had to show, that there are no any other proteins, except spike protein of alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus produced after cell will make protein according to the artificial RNA sequence in vaccine. Of course they failed to do that and even in their faked study you could see the traces of proof that there definitely some other proteins was produced.

What if all that vaccinehoax was not about money and even not about killing people instead of failed virus?

Imagine a group of insane globalists that dream about ultimate bioweapon they need for whatever goal.

Imagine scientists who are ready to serve that globalists for cookies.

Globalists are limited by their IQ. Scientists are limited by their knowledge.

So, globalists order scientists to create a modern time plague. Scientists running gain-of-function experiments trying to make harmful virus, as obvious straight-forward way. But scientists are limited with knowledge, and they don't know what combination of proteins in virus would be optimal for the task and main thing - they don't know how to write a RNA code to get desired result.

Time goes, and globalists, for whatever reason began to hurry scientists about result. Scientists got nothing and all they could give out is barely working SARS-CoV-2 or even just a computer model of it.

Globalists, who already prepared everything for their harmful virus understand that they are fucked. Virus does not work as they expected (or not even exists if you wish), so they press scientists hard about what the fuck, and what they need to fucking finish their fucking job they was paid for.

Scientists eventually override dumbness of globalists and explain them, that they don't know how all that RNA-proteine stuff works so they have to randomly replace some sequences in RNA in the hope they eventually hit the target.

Imagine a JPEG picture of a cat compressed to the size of few kilobytes. You have a very slow decoder that show JPEG picture, but have no encoder. You have no any idea how to compress pictures into JPEG, but want a JPEG picture of a dog for whatever proposes. You hire scientists and pay them to solve your problem.

Scientists try to replace some parts of example JPEG with cat to see if that change something to get a picture of something they could pose as a dog (gain of function research). They slowly get some results, mostly broken files and few pictures with garbage. They could spend thousands of years before they eventually get something resembling the dog working that way tossing bytes of JPEG picture.

How globalists could help scientists to create that picture of the dog they need?

Exactly - they could do a massive bruteforce using people they rule to decode all possible JPEG byte sequences produced by scientists in billions at once and then pick one that produces a picture of the dog they need.

So, you see where it comes.

Globalists who failed to get a virus from gain-of-function research was told by scientists that they need a massive bruteforce attack on the problem. They could create all possible mRNA sequences, pose them as vaccines, globalists will mandate vaccines and scientists will have at least few billions of human mRNA decoders that will produce proteins and instantly check produced proteins for properties globalists look for. It will be easy to sort out interesting results, because all interesting results will eventually fall into hands of medics globalists control. Knowing batch number it will be easy to find desired RNA sequence.

Looks like that theory explains absolutely everything in coronahoax/vaccinehoax - failed virus with faked "pandemic", untested vaccines, that stupid boosters (they didn't get satisfying result in first run, too many RNA combinations to test, so they have to continue), even batch numbers with different results, huge variety of side effects and even not banning VAERS and other similar vaccine adverse effects databases filled with results of that enormous bruteforce attack on the finding necessary sequence.

Humanity was used by globalists as a giant parallel RNA decoder to find a RNA sequence that will produce something they need. So all that coronashit is just an imtermediate operation done in a hurry to get some component vitally necessary for them to finally complete whatever globalists promised to do to their masters. Did they failed or not? Did we win? Did we lose? I don't know. But that's the story I have for now.

I'm done. Enjoy. :)

PS: Of course, if you have some thougts or examples that will disprove that theory, I'm all ears, as usual.