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Obviously, I can't get to Europe right now (even if I could afford it) to study Templar sites, so I decided to do the next best thing, since this particular topic is something I'd never seen studied in-depth. But to start out, a few of very important things:

  1. Symbols are considered sources of power in and of themselves
  2. Symbols can have separate meanings, one for the common plebs, the other for the elites/initiated. Like for example, the Washington Monument is just "ooh, pretty reflecting pool!" to the proles, but the initiated know immediately what it means
  3. It was just a suspicion, so I didn't want to post anything about it until I'd done some more research and I was at least 95% sure

But anyway, weird stuff hidden in churches/cathedrals is nothing new in the slightest; Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland is one of the most famous examples and where exactly the hell did the so-called "Green Man" come from?

But why exactly did Father Ioann Kurmoyarov call it a "pagan temple" and get defrocked for his trouble? How can a cathedral possibly be pagan?

Let's look to the (main) entrance first: enter text

Okay, so far, so good, right? We have a very specific icon of Christ- the Mandylion of Edessa- A cathedral should have plenty of imagery of Christ, right?

enter text

I want to come back to this particular icon, since it's a big part of my argument here- about how an icon of Christ, His head in particular, can be part of a pagan temple.

Anyway, let's look at a bird's eye view:

enter text

Er, do those walkways like a little unusual to anyone else?

enter text

The ones I circled in red stood out immediately to me as a sun cross, but I could have written it off the fact that their presence kinda makes the whole thing look like a chariot from above, as in the solar chariot of Indo-European religion, most famously Apollo in Greco-Roman lore. I could have also overlooked that the walkways circled in blue were also Celtic wheel crosses to drive it home further.

I need to come back to this, since the solar symbols are another big part of my argument here. And speaking of solar symbols, while there are technically four main entrances, when you put in the coordinates of 55°34′45″N 36°49′19″E into Google Earth or something, it reveals that most of the visitors will be entering...from the east. With the rising sun.

And speaking of (what we think) are solar symbols, I could have even written this off as a coincidence looking at the thing from above:

enter text

Haven't we seen that exact bird's eye view for religious buildings before?

enter text

Obviously, it's not a 100% match given the architectural styles, but it's definitely 90%+

As for what Egyptian pyramids were for, we know they were religious structures, but the specifics are obviously iffy. However, many were tombs, associated with the sun god (Amun) Ra, and somehow associated with the ascension of the t̶s̶a̶r̶'̶s̶ ̶v̶o̶z̶h̶d̶'̶s̶ pharaoh's soul to join the gods and his ascension to said state. And the right lighting at night makes it look downright pharaonic too.

But it's the interior that I really need to talk about, since to the initiated, it leaves zero doubt about what's going on, since, well...

The dimensions of the church are symbolic. The diameter of the drum of the main dome is 19.45 meters, symbolizing the final year of World War II, 1945. The belfry is 75 meters high, representing the 75 years that have passed between 1945 and 2020, the year of the church’s consecration. And finally, the height of the small dome is 14.18 meters, reflecting the 1,418 days and nights that the conflict lasted.

Woah-ho! We've got numerological principles built straight into the foundation- literally! And you shouldn't doubt that these are literal power numbers either. Also from another visitor, one of the guides referring to what were just rumors before it actually opened:

Trophy weapons and tanks seized from the Wehrmacht were melted down and used in the creation of the cathedral’s metal floors. “Think of this as you step into the cathedral. As you walk across the floors, you are symbolically delivering a blow to the fascist enemy,” a guide told a tour group of older women in headscarves as they entered the building earlier this month.

When I read that, I was all, wait a second, this kinda reminds me of what the Tokugawa shoguns would do with the ferret out the Christian population and their sympathizers. What exactly you're trampling on isn't important- it's a symbol of your consent. That you consent to the premises presented before you.

And speaking of symbolic consent, check out who is and who isn't wearing a serf muzzle in these pictures. If you're not, you're some shade of elite/government official/otherwise above the average serf; if so, it symbolizes your silence/consent to have all this done in your name and in the name of your (putative) faith. Remember, it doesn't actually matter if you know you're participating in a ritual or not. Your participation is enough.

The interior of the building is where we get into the meat and potatoes and the most convincing evidence that there is in fact, something else going on here besides Orthodox piety, or even just plain nationalism:

enter text

Combining Marian imagery with that of Soviet propaganda was controversial, even for the project. But when you consider the alchemical (thesis + anthesis = synthesis) magnum opus going on here, it actually makes perfect sense.

And speaking of alchemical principles, but, as they say, wait, there's more:

enter text

"But it's just honoring their veterans, right?" Wrong. Remember how there can be one meaning for the plebs and others for the initiated? The hammer and sickle seemed to be an occult symbol (symbolizing both transmutation and the male-female principle) from the very beginning. And given that the father of Marxism was rather fixated on the Prince of Darkness...

And each separate instance, much like with the red star, is also a source of power. It's so ubiquitous a symbol, no one can really trace where exactly the red star comes from with any certainty, but Trotsky was said to have associated it with the Star of Mars, appropriate, given his responsibilities and butchery.

But let's pivot away towards other, equally important symbols included in mosaics:

enter text

Well, well, well! What do we have here?! Not just one or two, but four separate solar symbols! Yes, yes, I'm well aware of the history, but the plebs, generally speaking, are not aware that the swastika/hakenkreuz, is in fact, a most ancient and powerful solar symbol. Literally prehistoric, in fact. And this one will be returning.

enter text

Anyway, back to the Mandylion for a second, it's supposed to be the biggest one in any church period. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with having Christ in a church...again, the prominent presence of His head as such a prominent motif tips me off that there's something else going on here.

Speaking of symbols with multiple meanings, here's this mosaic:

enter text

enter text

If you're familiar with symbolism, you probably have an idea of why I'm focusing on the skull and crossbones there. In (some) Eastern Christian traditions, Christ's blood was said to seep through the ground at Golgotha, the place of the skull, to grant him salvation as the New Adam.

But how and why am I so convinced that there is in fact, some hidden meaning behind all these things? Because the skull cult, is in fact, also literally prehistoric: and the skull/head, just like the heart, was for just as long, seen as the seat of power of some sort. Hence the practice of ritual headhunting- taking your vanquished enemy's power and adding it to your own. And even drinking from it, much like the purpose of ritual cannibalism.

In addition to the very specific solar symbol absolutely everywhere, the "park" of sorts also has on display the closest thing possible to the skull of their powerful vanquished enemy- his hat. With the solar symbol to boot! And the fact that Shoigu's righthand man slipped and called them "relics" before his bosses backpedaled, something a fair number of Russians even thought was weird.

FDR probably told fellow occultist Stalin about Jacques de Molay and the skull cult and the latter was probably all "so I can have that, right?" I say that because they actually did keep a piece of his skull.

I might be alone in this, but if I see convincing evidence of:

from a culture who never and does not have a huge problem with technically extra-Christian stuff and has a ruling caste which has basically always loved esoteric, occult stuff as long as it's existed, I, as a Christian (not even a particularly good one either) am going to have some questions, to say the least.