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You are banned from The Great Awakening. notification from GreatAwakening's Moderators sent 2 hours ago You are now permanently banned.

*As per modmail.

PS, isn't it ironic to perma-ban someone named after Aswartz.

*sigh - Best of luck in your future endeavours


If you want to appeal your ban, please read the rules on the sidebar, and reply to this message.

permalink block mark unread reply You are banned from The Great Awakening. from GreatAwakening's Moderators sent 2 hours ago Ghost. It's me, C5. Drop the "muh innocence!" act and stop acting like you don't know it's been me all along you're talking to. I've seen EVERY comment of yours on the other WINs. Seriously. Dude. How is this a surprise? This isn't me being butt-hurt over your dogshit comments. Y'all know that I try to be cool and get along with everyone. But, just like the Flat Earth retards, OK, feel free to take your retarded BS elsewhere.

Who "funds" this .WIN? The .WIN people do. If you'd asked me, I'd have told you. They cloned Reddit, then they offered to let people run their own clones off their infrastructure. THE DOMAIN COST TWENTY BUCKS. The DNS gets re-routed to their .WIN architecture and BAM, you have GreatAwakening.WIN.

All the mod tools, all the code is theirs.

The end.

Bang, 30 seconds and you'd have your answer.

Instead, what do we get? "WHO PAYS YOUR BILLS? AND TEH TRAFFICKSES??? ARE TEH MODSES COMPED??? WHO IS TEH CATSFIVE REALLY?!?" and dozens of cunty, asshole comments.

Seriously? Holy shitballs are you retarded. Learn how shit works.

Stab me in the back all you want. If that's the level of respect I've earned with you after all this time, then, here's what that same respect looks like in return. Want another result of not knowing how anything works? You've lost my respect. Go play with Zeitreise. Your service here is done. If you think you can do better elsewhere, by all means, GET TO WORK. Your genius is clearly unappreciated and needs to blossom elsewhere. Correct?

Ban message to follow.

See you around, Ghost.


MY Response

Catsfive, I actually did not know it was you all along. I am not some kind of creepy, stalking obsessive. For example, I treated you, as I would any other user on this site--reading your comments as I come across them and have a laugh

This isn't me being butt-hurt over your dogshit comments


I've seen EVERY comment of yours on the other WINs.

Thanks for admitting you're stalking specifically me. And that you BANNED ME permanently because you don't like me and not because I violated any rules.

There are thousands of other users on this site. Why are you obsessed with particularly me? That sounds like someone who is wildly jealous of me. Or that I did something you perceived as personal, and if you read something I posted the wrong way, I am sorry. I did post I suspect you were the one who banned me for posting about chemtrails, and you have confirmed that it was in fact you, so essentially I did nothing wrong and I spoke the truth.

But, just like the Flat Earth retards

I am not a flat earth retard. I don't agree with flat earth, but you know what? You are the type of person who puts all conspiracy theorists you don't agree with in the same basket and then demonizes them.

That's the differnce between you and me: I would never ban them for talking about flat earth or morgellons or something else I think is not true. Why would I care? You are admitting to censoring me for saying things YOU do not like.

You are a censorious karen, not unlike a leftist you cry about hating. You're a total hypocrite.

Thanks for admitting it


I never said that or asked that. I am not obsessed with you. YOU are obsessed with ME and what you just said is SHEER PROJECTION.

You really ARE a TOPMIND of REDDIT

Stab me in the back all you want.

What are you EVEN talking about??? I didn't even know it was YOU who banned me. (I had my suspicions though, based on your anti-chemtrail comments). ALso, I have no "loyalty" to you. Like I said, you're just another fellow user and honestly I had no animus towards you. I've even commented favorably to some of your comments I liked, because I am not sitting here SEETHING at anyone. I'm not. That is not who I am. I don't stalk people and play games. I am interested in putting out content and voicing my opinions and letting you do the same.

Apparently you think there's some other psychological game going on. But that is all in YOUR head. I'm not going to stalk you. I'm not, for example, going to go back and read your comment history, because honestly I don't care about you catsfive, nor would I EVER censor you were I in your position.

I think you are a strange stalking person who seethes and hates your own customers. That is what you are showing. Honestly, other mods should know this is how you behave towards people acting in good faith. If you got butthurt, then chances are you misunderstood something I wrote because I'm on the side of everyone on all three WIN sites I participate in. Patriots, Conspiracies and GAW and this game you have of "Oh if you are on GAW you cannot hang out in Conspiracies because we're "enemies':

That is the petty behavior of a Reddit-level moderator tyrant.

I had no idea you were such a cruel and strange person.

I am honestly blindsided by this. I don't know what i did to invoke such absolute malice and hatred from you, and specifically against me. Like I did something to you personally.

You've lost my respect. Go play with Zeitreise

Thanks for admitting your banning me for losing your respect.

I still don't see the reason that you're banning me, other than you just don't like me. Please confirm with me that is why you're banning me because I did not break any rules.

What?? I don't even really know this user. I may have replied to them, and I recognize the name, but you act like....Jesus triple H Christ...you act like I am part of some kind of "enemy cabal" of users trying to destroy the site

My total karma suggests otherwise. I am sorry if you think my comments are 'cunty', I personally think I'm kind of funny and I don't attack other users like you are, apparently. I don't sit there and seethe when someone makes a 'cunty' comment I don't like. Again, that's your own projection.

I think other people probably should know this is what you are like. I don't know what I did to piss you off so entirely that you'd write something like this, other than you are the one after all who banned me over posting a factual thing about chemtrails that was very credibly sourced (in the words of the military).

So am I really permanently banned? Like really actually permanently banned and not simply permanently banned? Can I appeal to other moderators?

What is the basis of my ban, other than Catsfive doesn't like me and that I didn't know who funds the site? Also, you pretend this site is inexpensive. I know as a web dev that it is not. You aren't getting around bandwidth transfer and anyone who makes websites know this.