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Privacy, parallel society, Plumbing, mechanics, free energy, hidden history, Robert Sepher type stuff, building, basically a Noah's arc of knowledge. Poisonous plants . Health info and cures. Fitness, nutrition. Computer stuff, how to use servers and security. Pilates, martial arts, meditation, shtf, how to make friends, Robert Greene, anything.

Videos, pdfs, audiobooks. Old quality 4 Chan/8chan stuff

There is probably a bunch of stuff on telegram too so I have to install that.

Any recs an links appreciated especially if they are toreents of mega uploads so I dont have to download individual files. I just bought a large external drive so it is time to do this.

Also which vpn is good for this? I use windscribe for the large amounts of free downloads.

Saw that Europe is going dark this winter so they will probably need this info collected together asap.

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I don't quite understand what you are saying.

I am trying to tell you that all computers will be useless if the power grid is attacked/fails/is turned off in rebellious areas.

Books are the way, and the information is better.