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Decoding death

This is the outer limit of my speculative horizon. Yet squint I must!

13 has strong themes of death, from the tarot card Death to Friday the 13th to MS-13.

6+7 means flesh to spirit. That is the transition of death. Coincidence?

13 is the 6th prime. 6 = 2*3 ~ faith in flesh ~ danger, evil. Death is an intensification of danger.

Knowing that 13 means death suggests interpretive principles for primes:

  • the nth prime is an intensification of n's meaning
  • (n/2-.5) + (n/2+.5) tells the prime's story

Does this method work for other primes?

Primal analysis

Please note that universal single-digit meanings are a prerequisite for analyzing primes. Single-digit primes have both a basic meaning and a primal meaning. For example, the basic meaning of 3 is family: father mother child. The primal meaning is love.

  • 2 is the 1st prime. 1+1: unity to unity: soulmate?
  • 3 is 2nd. 1+2: unity to trust: love?
  • 5 is 3rd. 2+3: trust love: humanity.
  • 7 is 4th. 3+4: love stabilized: holy.
  • 11 is 5th. 5+6: man becomes flesh: incarnation.
  • 13 is 6th. 6+7: flesh to spirit: death.
  • 17 is 7th. 8+9: justice causes transition. Great awakening fits!
  • 19 is 8th. 9+10: transition to divinity. Somewhat fits tarot 19: Sun. However, it's too far out of the scope of mortal human experience to meaningfully interpret.
  • 23 is 9th. 11+12: I don't know how to interpret 12. Stopping here.

Bolded are the most confident. Question marks are the least.


Well, it's a rough draft. I felt this uncertain about the basic single-digit meanings recently, so maybe the primal meanings will reveal themselves further. I have a feeling, though, that these will remain mysterious, until the Veil drops.