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My wife tested positive for the rona. I'm pretty sick myself. She went to the doctor and was prescribed PAXLOVID, I noticed it states "for use under Emergency Use Authorization". I refuse to be tested and day 3 it just feels like the flu to me, and not the worst I've felt. Ant comments will be well received, my wife will wait 2 hours before taking a dose to see what can be learned

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UPDATE: she's not taking it unless things get worse in the next few days. It appears to have leveled off, so she probably won't end up taking it. Her family in California is all in on the jab and they have a lingering influence over her. She thinks I'm a conspiracy nut, but the stuff I buy into ends up accurate. She has learned to trust me over the past 30 years and much more so in the past few years. She is definitely scared because of what she now believes is still to come. Getting her to stop being afraid and start making counter plans is my next hurdle.

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BTW, thank you everyone.

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Are you doing the vitamin route? zinc, vitamin C, etc?

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I do that stuff regardless. I'm still working on breaking her mentality of medicine having a quick fix for everything. She is slowly becoming more receptive of a preventative lifestyle using healthy choices.

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Do you read the Bible by any chance?

For me personally, I believe it's God's word and convinced myself to read passages about it like galatian 5:19-21. That convinced me enough to never take medicine again - even if it's considered "life saving". Simply because I believe God has given us the foods that naturally heal.

At first it was hard to accept the fact because I have relatives in nursing and doctor. So it took a few months of me being sure.

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The national geographic documentary called “Stress: Portrait of a Killer” helped me Overcome my fears. Check it out.