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Update: March 22, 2022

Stating or implying that a 'transgender woman is a biological male' will result in a perm ban from r/conspiracy as it appears the mod team considers this a TOS violation.

Human biology and science is to be classified as 'hate speech'.

It also appears you will be banned for submissions or discussion of

  • CIS women that feel disenfranchised by transgender women receiving women's awards or competing in women's sports

The mods will not clarify whether discussing LGBTQ topics results in a ban, but by the evasive nature and continuous gaslighting it seems someone on the mod team does not want civil debate or any discussion on controversial topics.

Instead the mod prefers to run a honeypot permanently banning users that make submissions or discuss topics on a mod's private blacklist.

No matter of compromise would appease the lead mod who appeared to be putting on theater display.

Asking for clarification on blacklisted topics to prevent future misunderstanding and bans for wrongthink received additional evasive responses and gaslighting.

Suggesting mods should be open and honest with users about banned topics makes you a TMOR shill that wants the sub banned.

I did manage to get one honest reply.

Updated PM appeal:

short update:

Full PM chain updated:

Seems like there are a lot of old mods here and I remember u/axolotl_peyotl being pushed out under strange circumstance.


Perm banned from r/conspiracy about 4 days ago

I asked why I was perm banned and what specifically in my submission and submission statement was a TOS violation for 'hate speech'.

I was never contacted or sanctioned by Admin.

This was 100% mod action..

To be honest I never anticipated the mod team Orwellian newspeak, mental gymnastics, dodging, projection, and gaslighting. I never once got a clear honest answer to what specifically in my submission or submission statement was a TOS violation.

Presumably if you engage in civil debate on r/conspiracy you will be perm banned if you raise the question of CIS women potentially being disenfranchised by biological men identifying as transgender women in awards and competitions .

The old public modlog is also offline, for how long who knows, but it seems like the mods over there currently in charge have two sets of rules (public, private) and do not like transparency.

A small passage from the pm

I repeatedly stated I was willing to compromise and post within the confines of a sandbox. I just asked what are blacklisted topics or how my submission was in violation something you refuse to respond to. You say use nuance, but then don't define what that means. You can't say follow the rules, when rules are unstated, unspecified, or ambiguous especially with respect to hidden blacklists.

PM chain appeal: LONG




Submission statement:

USA (Today) announced their women of the year.

Included in the list was Biden's Ast. Sec HHS Rachel Levine. As more and more awards for women continue to be handed to biological men, you have to wonder at what point women begin to feel disenfranchised by a rigged system.


USA Today column