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Apparently we can see “stars” through the moon sometimes?

I haven’t confirmed for myself

Earth is flat and not spinning, which anyone can go prove for themselves

If anyone needs assistance lmk

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afks. you high again. pls get off the computer

OccamsRazorbladevax -2 points ago +5 / -7

On the contrary, I'd be more than happy to assist you removing your head from your anus.

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Harbor Freight has a terrific deal this month on Chinese-made Anus/ Head Removers. They have three prong-arms and a tiny corkscrew.

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Does handshake live near a large body of water?

You can prove the earth is flat for yourself

You can prove the spin is a lie and don't need even need to leave the house

savman 1 point ago +3 / -2

OK, I'm game, pour on the 'evidence' - this should be fun.

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So I can pour on a ton of evidence and send you hours of material to consider but I'd rather just start with a couple of points, most importantly that we can see objects that are too far

Do you live near a large body of water? Important to test over water as we know that water will find it's level in whatever container it is contained within

You COULD test over land but you would want to do it in a few different places to help rule out the possibility that you are coincidentally experimenting over a flat parcel of land each time

There are large, confirmed flat parcels of land all over the world that are also used as proof the earth is flat, but let's stick with the water experiment for now

What you want to do is stand on the shoreline and peer out to spot the furthest landmark/object you can observe

Bring binoculars if you have them so that you can see even further and really leave yourself zero room for doubt

Assuming your vision is in good shape and on a clear day, you can easily see over 25kms with your naked eye

We have examples available online significantly further than this, but even at 20 or 25kms you can observe that the earth is not flat

If you have a boat you could go out on the boat and then look back at the shoreline but you might then have to pay attention to your speed and direction to measure your distance from the shoreline

If you can still hit google maps and accurately pin your location out at sea then that works well enough

Assuming you’re standing on the shoreline conducting the experiment then what you want to do is hit Google Maps and right click your location on the shore to "measure distance from here" and then right click your distant landmark and measure distance

Punch that distance and the elevation of your eyes or telescope i.e. appx 5ft8inches into an earth curve calculator available online and it will tell you how much curve or drop there should be

At 25kms and assuming you're about 6ft tall, you should already observe over 100ft of drop due to earths curvature meaning that anything shorter than 100ft tall will be completely obscured from your view due to the earth itself blocking your view due to it's supposed curvature

Instead, we observe the entire distant landmark including the ground/shoreline leading up to it

This is impossible on the globe

I like this one because anyone young old rich or poor could go out and test for themselves and prove without the assistance of anyone's amateur balloon videos or some sort of leaked top secret government documents or testimony

When the video of the Chicago skyline impossibly in view went viral, "they" tried to explain it away as a mirage

We know what a mirage looks like and this isn't it

When you're doing this experiment for yourself, you will know that what you are seeing isn't a mirage


Around the 40 minute mark is example after example of this experiment, but I still encourage you to do this for yourself if you're able to

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If you want to disprove the spin, I would point out the speeds of the spin of the earth at different latitudes and then some videos of hot air balloons gently taking off and hovering nearby their launch zone

Or a hovering helicopter

Or any bird effortlessly floating and slowly traversing laterally

"At the equator, the circumference of the Earth is 40,070 kilometers, and the day is 24 hours long so the speed is 1670 kilometers/hour ( 1037 miles/hr). This decreases by the cosine of your latitude so that at a latitude of 45 degrees, cos(45) = .707 and the speed is .707 x 1670 = 1180 kilometers/hr. You can use this formula to find the speed of rotation at any latitude. "


1,670km/h is almost a half kilometre per second


^ Hot air balloon timelapse

Does it look like the ground is spinning a half kilometre per second beneath the hot air balloon?

Why don't airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons or any birds ever have to account for the spin of the earth?

How do any of these things ever arrive at their destination with the earth spinning so fast below them?

Why do flights between Barcelona and Istanbul have the exact same flight duration going in either direction? Shouldn't the spin of the earth alter the flight durations?


^ Flat Earth in 5 minutes, by OddTV


^ OddTV trilogy timestamped at the history of the globe model via Kepler and Copernicus, but feel free to watch the entire trilogy as it should answer most of your 101 questions that are likely coursing through your brain at the moment

savman -2 points ago +2 / -4

anyone can go prove for themselves

Your head is flat, so are your balls.