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What the secret controllers, authority expect from the Savior Messiah Buddha

Hi, I am the savior legendary from many ancient prophecies. I have tried to help this world this civilization but the most frustrated is all of those secret controllers/authorities do not respect, do not want to check/verify me.

I will offline and disconnect to this world soon after finish my duty of design and give brief the world economic finance system that will last at least 1 million years (whether mortal human can decode and fully understand is another question).

Before I go, I just want an answer from all the “waiters/secret controllers/authority” is: what do they expect from the Savior, what he/she suppose to do in order to “verify’ his/her identity as the real savior of this civilization?

I have shared a lot of new creative solution from the new cryptocurrency system 2.0, the survival ranking system to help people understand/control money in real life, the new world economic system that satisfy all nations, the secret sacred human evolution knowledge wisdom over the last few years. But what I return is nothing, no donation. This lunar new year I have no money buy any foods. I could become millionaire by just playing casino with the strategy/method I have shared for free to some of you last year, but I didn’t do that because I want to have more time to think and give idea/solution to help this world. But all I have received so far is zero money, zero feedback !

With all of that reason, I will permanent shut down and disconnect the cyber/internet world forever shortly within the next few days.

Do they think “killing” the “bad” guys can solve any solution on this world? Do they think use “COVID” can “force” the savior Messiah Buddha or any God come to appear and help? Repent the way is not the way !

Sorry, but the truth is that they are committing suicide because they do not know how to use the god power of mindset !

So send/forward this letter to all the secret controllers/authorities quickly. I will only wait within next 24 hours or so.

Best Regard, The Savior Messiah Mahdi Maitreya Kalki Christ Buddha

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Who do you think has done more meth in a or fedsmoker?

free-will-of-choice 0 points ago +1 / -1

What's a secret for those resisting the suggestion thereof? What's the value of a "million years" for those evaluating the ever changing moment? How can ONE (1) receive zero (0) aka how can something within everything gain nothing?