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According to VAERS, as of the recording of this video that Axo put up, there were over 18,000 deaths and a million people permanently disabled from the vax in the USA.


The number has increased since then.

We know that only between 1 and 10% of adverse reactions are reported.

That means between 180,000 and 1.8M people have died and between 10M and 100M are disabled.

Its highly unlikely 100M are disabled in a nation of 330M people. That would be impossible to cover up.

Lets say 10% of adverse reactions are reported. That means 180,000 have died and 10M are now permanently disabled. That is 12M people that are no longer able to work.

There is your fucking labor shortage. Its not unemployment for COVID benefits because those ran out.

There are just a lot fewer people able to work.

Spread the word.

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I'll take THIS thought experiment over the OP's. Sorry not sorry, Zap_Powerz. Many HAVE died, but many more refuse to work under these conditions and many more still are simply turned away or have their resumés burried. "Do not attribute to [...]" ;)