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Allas8 0 points ago +1 / -1

No one I have ever met in my life has told me they are Jewish, so I guess I been living under a rock, my rock is Lord Jesus Christ, so I do not mind. Most Christians I know of do not follow the Bible either, so it is not like they are alone, on that part.

As far as I am concerned, Israel, the Jewish state, has a right to defend itself. Stop shooing rockets over the wall at them.

Whatever they do in secret, God sees, and will hold them responsible.

turtlebam 3 points ago +3 / -0

How dare you even claim that Jesus Christ is your rock! You represent the epitome of what the jews wants from Christians, a docile salve! The best thing you can do is convert to Judiasm and join them in cursing your savior and join them in raping Christian women like they always did.

Those jews just immigrated to Palestine around the 1920s, they went there and stole the land and killed the Palestinians and you do not want the Palestinians to fight back? jews curse Christ, judaism is based on defiling Jesus Christ (The Talmud was written up to 600 years after Christ). jews spit on priests on daily basis in Jerusalem.

You can call yourself many things, but a Christian should not be one of them. Keep the ideas you have and the day will come when the jew will hand you what you deserve, GOD will be watching and justice will be served because a coward like that deserves it.