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Argentine soccer player Ronald Biglione dead of clots after 2nd dose. Nov 5 2021

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Craig Jones drops out after vaccine injury, 29 years old. Fluid around stomach.

Soccer player Ryan Bowman heart attack "episode" oct 18 2021

Soccer player Lucas Surek "suspected myocarditis", "threatens to be out for months". 10.09.2021

Soccer player Jordan Tucker died suddenly, Longridge Town captain.

Soccer player, Nicky Dalibor from SV Olympia collapsed and had to be "reanimated" on the field

Soccer player Fellipe de Jesus suffered "double cardiac arrest!". Reported 14th Oct 2021

Soccer player Jente van Genechten of Belgium collapsed on field with cardiac arrest 25 years old

Professional Cyclist Gianni Moscon heart rate anomolies (apparent tachycardia)

Belgium handball player 19 year old Whitnee Abriska died "surprisingly" of a heart attack 07/31/2021

Young cricket player Avi Barot dies after suffering cardiac arrest Oct 16th 2021

Soccer player Raphael Dwamena collapsed on the field "screaming" Oct 18 2021.

Alexaida Guedez dies of heart attack August 22 2021

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Let them die... It's what they want.... They took the jab voluntarily.

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Thanks for sharing ♡