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Please comment on the Atlantean Conspiracy's page "200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball".

A video on the same subject was posted here almost a year ago with little comment.

My comments so far appear here. I'm very interested in the mathematical aspects but would rather if the exploration was a joint effort.

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I think you missed the analogy, this doesn’t have anything to do with the largely stationary air that you’re accelerating into (“winds” as you called it). The relavent points here are acceleration and “closed” systems. Imagine you’re in a fighter jet undergoing massive acceleration. You get pushed back into the seat with a force of multiple “G”s (aka a multiple of the force of earths gravity). Or you’re in a train which undergoes a much longer acceleration to top speed. You never notice it. Or a commercial jet. If they hit the gas or went into a nosedive, you would feel it, regardless of if there is a windscreen and walls to “break” the “wind”.

The point is, just like you+train or you+plane are closed systems, which undergo acceleration as if they were one body, you+earth (and water+earth for that matter) are a linked, closed system with regards to acceleration. Yes the earth is rotating (continuously accelerating slowly), and because you’re “stuck” to the “floor” of this vessel, you don’t feel it.