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They'll throw in real shit too like the time jumping limits, they'll go.. oh.. you can only go from a certain gap, back and forth between years. Kind of like the Philadelphia experiment during the war that went from 1943 to 1983.

This was when I first got into conspiracy. Heard about that on Coast to coast AM with Art Bell.. Al Bielek. He was talking about how, oh how come you're not old like you should be. Talked about age regression and how they can wipe your memory. That's a bit much for newbies.

A lot of the shit in these movies is real, eh. But the mainstream people wouldn't know. The other day there with that Vin Diesel Bloodshot movie about nano bots. Meanwhile the brain hacking stuff and those guys talking to soldiers about the same fucking things.

What else have you see in movies lately that they wouldn't notice? So much of it is to just let us know what they're up to. Like this fuckin alien thing in Tomorrow war.. you know they have that shit but who knows if they made it or could of been in ice in Antarctica or something. lol. They got that shit though and you know it.

What about the US military thing in these movies. It's like.. your bullets stink.. you'd be smarter and think of some better way to take these fucking things out. Why do they do this in the movies where they make it look like the US military just can't handle it. So you go.. hey we need more funding.

Also a lot of the soldiers.. no white dude. Lots of blacks in all these movies.. women too. As if they're saying.. hey it's gonna be like that in the future. So you get these cultures that go.. hmm.. I think I'm gonna sign up. Paramount is always involved with the US military in their movies. It's all just propaganda this shit.

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the guide stones don’t say 500,000