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That this earth does not revolve, and is not round, or roundish, at all, but is continuous with the rest of its system, so that, if one could break away from the traditions of the geographers, one might walk and walk, and come to Mars, and then find Mars continuous with Jupiter? I suppose some day such queries will sound absurd—the thing will be so obvious—

-Charles Fort, “The Book of the Damned” 1919

You're going to want to suspend your disbelief for this one. Think of it as a thought experiment.

Sometimes the conspiracy theorist must start at the conclusion and work backwards from there. The experienced conspiracy theorist knows to pay attention when there are only 2 possible explanations given, one "mainstream" and one "conspiratorial". The truth of the matter is almost universally a third option, hiding tangentially in another, often unfamiliar, realm.

Take Roswell...an experimental weather balloon? Or an alien craft? Try Nazi antigravity tech.

9/11...jet fuel? Or controlled demo/thermite? Try Directed Energy Weaponry

Globe Earth hurtling through space? Or flat Earth on a plane beneath a firmament?

Try Crater Earth on a larger planet.

NASA demonstrably has lied from the beginning. The Flat Earthers are universally mocked, but allowed to persist on just about every platform. Why?

Try to revert to a child-like state of wonder, back to square one. You don't know about galaxies and planets and moons and comets and pulsars.

Consider the notion that the "moon" is a reflection of a larger "earth".

It couldn't be a reflection of our known world, because we would recognize the patterns immediately. Some have claimed to have located the "continents" including mysterious areas yet unexplored.

Others claim our "biosphere" is even smaller in comparison, and that the true "earth" (which is indeed round!), could be at least 1,000 times larger than our known realm.

Are we on a "crater" on a larger earth? Let's start at that conclusion, regardless of how unreasonable it might seem. How much could that explain? Let's discuss.

According to speculation from the previously linked content creator, our "earth" could potentially be surrounded by a series of plasma "spheres" that act as reflecting agents.

The sun shines on our larger "earth" (let's call it Gaia) and we see a reflection of this larger sphere on a layer of "plasma" above us, aka the "moon".

Read Who Built the Moon?. The moon really shouldn't be there.

Whilst we casually take it for granted that the two main bodies seen in Earth's skies look the same size, it is actually something of a miracle. To be precise, the moon is 400 times smaller than the sun, yet it is also just 1/400th of the distance between the Earth and the sun.

Isaac Asimov described this perfect visual alignment as being 'the most unlikely coincidence imaginable'. By some absolutely incomprehensible quirk of nature, the Moon also manages to precisely imitate the perceived annual movements of the Sun each month.

When dealing with "Science", your eyebrows should be immediately raised when confronted with words like "miracle" and "incomprehensible". Jim Marrs notes:

The point – and it is one seldom noted in considering the origin of the moon – is that it is extremely unlikely that any object would just stumble into the right combination of factors required to stay in orbit. ‘Something’ had to put the moon at its altitude, on its course and at its speed.

So...how are these anomalies explained by "Science"? They're not. Even the Wikipedia page for the moon's origin hypothesis admits its profound shortcomings. They also can't explain Mars' "moons".

I'm noticing that same old false dichotomy here...Orthodoxy: The Moon was from a "giant impact"...or Conspiracy: The moon is a spaceship!

Try...is the moon even there?

Waves ripple across the moon

Lunar waves

Strange phenomenon occurring on the lunar surface

But wait!! Gravity! Einstein! Physics! Are we operating under a largely fallacious physics paradigm?

Gravity is a push not a pull. Nikola Tesla, Thomas Townsend Brown, Tom Van Flandern and an entirely new approach to gravity that has been marginalized and swallowed up by black-ops and the Breakaway Civilization for a century.

Read this: The Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulsion by Paul A. LaViolette.

The same author also wrote a book called Decoding the Message of the Pulsars. LaViolette concludes that many so-called "pulsars" are a communication system...and that our planet seems to be a focal point of this network.

Are the stars...even stars at all?

If the moon is a reflection of the larger Gaia, then additional "plasma" rings would provide different perspectives, near and far, of our realm. IOW, "stars" and "galaxies" are different layers of Gaia, brilliantly displayed on the night sky.

There is no "infinite" universe, at least not as represented by the "stars". Many unexplained paradoxes may be explained by this theory. As would "aliens".

Aliens are no longer required to engage in interdimensional travel or traverse vast reaches of "space" to get here. They would simply be visiting from another biome on Gaia.

And what are these biomes? Craters! The similarities between "creator/crater" are notable.

So which is our crater? Content creator (heh) "godgevlamste" has suggested we live in the area referred to as the crater "Sulpicius Gallus M" on the moon.

Antarctica comprises the right side of the crater, and is much larger than is admitted, while the known "earth" makes up the left side.

The "moon landing" and subsequent missions were us leaving the crater and landing on the larger planet. The early Apollo missions are suspiciously centered around Sulpicius Gallus M. The world's space agencies, with NASA at the helm, are hiding the true nature of "space" and our place on a larger world. Flat Earth is a convenient scapegoat.

The other "planets" are nearby craters. Jupiter is the crater "Joy." The God Jupiter's other name is "Jove" from which we get the word "jovial" which means joyful. That's rather on the nose, isn't it?

The crater "Linne" is a candidate for Saturn, and it's possible that 3 concentric rings in the crater could produce a "ring around a planet" reflection on the plasma, explaining Saturn's "rings". This could also be the location of "Atlantis" and would explain the Saturnalian cult's origin.

The crater "Atlantis" got flooded (it's located in a "sea" on the moon aka Gaia on a lower elevation). They traveled on the larger ocean until they found a mountain range...at the top is our crater, which would have been above the "flood". This all checks out on the "lunar" map.

Occasionally, however, the oceans on Gaia do reach our crater, causing sporadic massive floods over the millennia as the larger oceans reaches our elevation. One of these events likely led to the flooding of Atlantis and the "move" to our crater to rebuild their civilization. It explains why there's no visible evidence of "Atlantis" on "Earth" and how these massive structures appeared out of no where.

Aliens from "outer space"? Or neighboring craters? Which sounds more believable?

When the "arc" landed near "Antarctica*, was it bringing varied species from other biomes on Gaia? Is that why so many creatures appear so alien on earth?

Something happened in our distant past. Religions say the "angels" slept with the mortals. The New Age philosophy claims that "aliens" from outer space bred with Earth hominoids.

Try...the angels and aliens where actually Gaians, not Earthlings or ET!

It's always bothered me to consider the possibility that "aliens" would be physically able to reproduce with the organic hominoid on Earth. But it COULD be possible if the "alien" was from the same "planet".

It would also explain the "giants". Giants would be far more likely to exist on a larger planet.

If we're Sulpicius Gallus M (SG...Star Gate?), what star represents "earth" on the blown up representation of Gaia?

How about...Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. It would have to be the brightest star, as it would be the closest "reflection" in the sky.

Let's revisit the book The Sirius Mystery by Robert Temple.

The Dogon people of Africa claim to have been visited by beings from "Sirius" and that they imparted intimate knowledge of the Sirius "star system."

I submit that the visitors were telling the Dogons WHERE they were in the sky. The Dogons interpreted this as the origin of the "aliens", when the aliens were trying to tell the Dogon their own location!

Here's an image of Sulpicius Gallus M, aka Sirius, aka "Earth".

Creator godgevlamste has compared satellite images of Sirius and has noticed similarities with the shape of SGM. Even the names "S ulpici US" "S iri US" are similar.

Has any of this information been encoded in movies? Watch Dark City from 1998. Also from 1998 (curious...) is a must see: The Truman Show.

What's the moment that Truman starts to question his reality, which is an ocean surrounded by a fake wall? When a "satellite" falls down to "earth" called "Sirius".

This is perhaps the most revealing moment in all cinema.

So let me get this straight..."Sirius" falls to "Earth" and Truman realizes his reality is not what it seems? SIRIUS=EARTH. That's why the satellite falls. It's us.

And what of the Breakaway Civilization? Where the heck are they? We know UNTOLD TRILLIONS have been funneled away. Are they colonizing outside our crater?

Is the nascent space tourism program going to be tours of GAIA instead?

Do some celebrities that "disappear" merely leave our crater?

There's a million and a half logistical issues with setting up "secret bases on Mars." How could they possibly launch all that material without notice? Unless...Mars is a nearby crater (possibly "Hadley C").

Is there a passage through Antarctica? Is that why Operation Highjump happened? Is that why Admiral Byrd spoke of a "vast land" beyond Antarctica? Does it open to a larger world? Could this be one of the most heavily guarded secrets among secret societies throughout history?

Did a flood and other natural disasters cause the residents of another crater to colonize "earth", breed with the local ape species, and jump start civilization using the tools and methods of the lost biosphere?

And the missing children. Where the fuck are they going?

Could the millions of missing kids over the years be used to seed the colonization efforts outside our crater?

Did whatever "colonize" our crater come here with good intentions, or is it potentially parasitic in nature?

What is the sun cult? Who is behind the sun cult? What is the sun? Who were the Proselenes? Was there a time before the moon was in the sky?

Why has the "alien" meme become such an important feature of the New Age Religion?

If the entire medical establishment is a fraud, as proven by the COVID hoax, couldn't this extreme degree of deception extend to the scientifically accepted orthodoxy of "space" and our planet?

What are the limits of the lies? The sky, unironically.

To be continued...

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Because there was never a half man, half woman, half goat with a kaduceus for a spine.

Solve et coagula. It's about maintaining balance. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. The lord's prayer can be read like a chakra tuning from the base.

Exactly why we need an occult subdomain. I'm a big proponent of Robert Temples work. I've seen dark city and it's great. There may be aliens controlling everything but there certainly isn't a disk that they out everyone to sleep and change stuff.

The light from Sirius is observable and repeatable. We'll see the same result as the guy who went up in the rocket to prove FE.

Graphenium 5 points ago +5 / -0

You should ask in c/meta for an occult.win, I think it could help centralize what has so far been spread out over a ton of .wins, and allow for deeper, less reactionary discussions to occur. You might even get support from places like GA and Christianity, I know plenty of people here and on ConsumeProduct who would be interested

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Needmorepopcorn 1 point ago +1 / -0

Ok I'm trying to grasp this. You are saying the sun is god? Black holes sun is nubiru? Destruction cycle that follows the same patterns as our seasons do.

I watched this recently and I really dug it. Destruction cycle theory claims he has discovered the riddle of the sphinx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqe_72uQE_g

Or are you just debooking FE theory? I'm looking to deep into your proofs? I enjoy FE but think most of it is pretty wild. They do a great job of debooking nasa though.

Armitage 4 points ago +4 / -0

I don't know what shape our Earth is, I've already mentioned in a previous comment recently which you will find near the top of my post history. I use the globe Earth in my book, but I know gravity and many other things defy all logic.

All the many experiments, the horizon all make more sense on a Flat Earth, and Einstein bringing in mathematics to overrule relative experiments. Einstein did a real number on humanity with his garbage.

But no Flat Earth model can explain the 4 seasons/4 ages of Milky Way And the 7 other suns that effect our tree of life, as they are the main cause of our 4 seasons alongside the four elements.

Just like how globe Earth can't explain many things, same thing applies to flat Earth. I have to tackle the science books to find out which ones are written by the magicians. No flat/globe/concave/crater Earth has hit the nail yet. Because they create theories, what you must understand is that the elite (magicians) encode the truth over and over in many things. The only way to learn the truth is to find out where they hide it in science books, which ones are written by the magicians.

All religious text about flat earth however is actually talking about the Milky Way.

Just like you see in my work, I turn many stories into the same stories. Movies, artwork, religion, mythology, ancient artifacts, carvings, entertainment. My work is no theory, it is the Occult Magic Science where you defeat the elites illusion to get a key to the universe. But I still have a lot to discover, it is extremely time consuming.

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Needmorepopcorn 1 point ago +1 / -0

I'm going to have to take some time to dig through these links. Thank you will report back.

A few questions since this was kind of what I was already digging on but a bit different. Nibiru being a black hole sun swapping energy with our sun.

Does the Age of Ophiuchus mean anything to this theory? I got really into that back in 2012 when Nibiru hype was high. I like the idea of Nibiru seems possible to live inside anything at this point. In that video I linked he goes on about the mother and the sun crown referring to nibiru and our star swapping energy. Is this the same thing you are referring to. Or am I interpreting it wrong. Does the red dwarf replace our sun or does it idle and swap energy in a solar eclipse type setting. The people of old sure did fear the shit out of eclipses, and that ties in pretty well to the mother with a crescent moon at her feet and the starburst crown.

Also, Your proofs getting my mind going. You have a dump of all of them? I tried to watch the YT you uploaded but the audio was garbage and barley audible but the pics did enough talking.

Why 23? why does that matter with everything added together I'm not getting it.

The 666 make up code is very interesting. Maybe the controllers are just worshiping the great reset? They know and make enlightenment seem cruel and evil?

Sorry for the rambling. Working and this is extremely interesting to me. Appreciate the time you took.